Nichicon's SLB Series Lithium Batteries and Fingerprint Cards AB's Biometric Sensor

In this Episode of New Product Discoveries, we look at the new package for Nichicon’s SLB lithium-ion batteries, and an easy-to-use biometric sensor from Fingerprint Cards AB.

A unique characteristic of Nichicon’s SLB series batteries is the package type. These φ3 x 7L mm dimension batteries come in case styles identical to Nichicon’s electrolytic capacitors, which make them ideal for use in compact applications.

Typical electrical ratings for this series are:

  • 2.4 V
  • 350 μAh capacity
  • Over 80% charging capacity maintained after 25,000 charge/discharge cycles

The next part is the BM-Lite Fingerprint Module from Fingerprint Cards AB. The module is ready to use out of the box; all it needs is a serial connection and simple commands over UART or SPI to get up and running.

Features of this module include:

  • ESD-protective coating that protects well above 15 kV
  • Availability in waterproof, IP-rated classes for more rugged environments
  • Capacitive touch technology that can store up to 50 unique users’ fingerprints
  • Typical recognition and verification time of 400 ms or less for fingerprints

Fingerprint Cards AB also has a development kit that includes the BM-Lite, a connecting cable, connector breakout board, and development board. The BM-Lite and the development kit make biometric security simple. Once the code is uploaded, simply enroll a fingerprint, verify, and save it.

These two products allow for a lot of flexibility and little difficulty in design. Make sure to stay tuned for future episodes of New Product Discoveries to see what other innovations are released.

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