Custom Flexible Noise Shields

(Image source: TDK Corporation)

Many components on a circuit board make noise. Now I am not necessarily talking about a noise you would hear with your ear, but electronic noise. Noise affects the signals on your board. It can cause disturbances in your signals which can hamper functionality. Reducing the noise on your board will make sure it works. Board design has a way of reducing noise with where components are placed and things like ground planes, but it cannot prevent the noise from everything. Usually you try to isolate the signal traces, but certain components will still interfere. ICs are a huge source for noise but are hard to keep separate from signals. Things that are not soldered to the board can also cause noise, things like cables or other boards in a project. To deal with this, people put noise shielding over parts or boards to prevent noise interference.

You can buy sheets, or rolls, of noise suppression sheets. These sheets are usually made of some type of magnetic material and help block noise. They usually come in large sheets for ease of mass production. Some of the sheets are made flexible for easier application and for wrapping around objects. The customer would just then have to cut the sheet to the size that they need.

Digi-Key can help save time and money with the ability to cut custom sheets in any shape and size of TDK and Kemet noise shields. We then ship that right to you. No need to buy special tools for cutting or taking the time to do it yourself. For more information on Digi-Key's custom cut solutions please click here.

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