Complete 5-Watt Power Supply in IEC Main Filter Case

We are all aware of the mains connector used in most desktop PCs, flat screen TVs, and kitchen equipment. The official name is “IEC 60320”, but most people just call it a kettle connector. The reason why this kind of connector is so widespread is that it is a world-wide universal standard with many different cords available to fit to the various country-specific wall-plate sockets. This simplifies manufacturing.

For a kettle, the mains connection is straight through, but for a microwave or a PC, there is usually a mains filter built into the connector. However, it does not matter if the mains supply is straight-through or filtered, the size of the mounting hole is standardized and is the same. Knockout punches, tool presses and pre-cut panels are available for this standardized mounting hole. This also simplifies manufacturing greatly.

Figure 1: IEC connector, IEC connector with mains filter and standard mounting hole. (Image source: RECOM)

RECOM has now taken this concept one stage further and created a complete 5 W power supply in the same size case as an IEC main filter. The RAC05-SK/C14 series offers short circuit protected and touch-safe outputs from 3.3 V up to 24 VDC and a universal mains input from 85 V up to 264 VAC (including a built-in EMC filter).

The advantages of this new design (patent pending) are:

1: Safe, touchable outputs - no hazardous mains voltages inside your device.

2: Rapid installation: Standardized mounting hole means installing the power supply takes only seconds.

3: Universal AC input with international safety certifications. Just add the power cord of your choice to use it anywhere in the world.

4: 3.3 V/5 V/12 V/15 V/24 V short circuit protected outputs.

Figure 2: RECOM’s C14 power supply in IEC connector. (Image source: RECOM)

The RAC05-05SK/C14 is ideal for powering single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or the BBC Micro:bit. Figure 3 shows a simple all-in-one Raspberry Pi touchscreen application that could be used for home automation with Bluetooth and WLAN interfaces. It is also suitable for powering always-on IoT applications such as network nodes, LoRa WAN stations, or data-loggers.

The compact size of the RAC05-SK/C14 means that it is simple, quick, and easy to build in a power supply to any low power application.

Figure 3: Raspberry Pi demonstrator. The RAC05-05SK/c14 delivers 1 A, sufficient to power the color touchscreen as well as the single board computer with Bluetooth and WLAN interfaces. (Image source: RECOM)

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