Carlo Gavazzi’s SCTL55 Smart Configurator

Have you ever had to troubleshoot a sensor and wish you had the ability to look into the sensor history from one easy-to-use device? Need to know information like when did it go into service? How many max temperature events has it experienced? What were the conditions of the application where the sensor was installed? Well I have news for you: Carlo Gavazzi has you covered. Their new handheld, Industry 4.0 SCTL55 Smart Configurator can do all of that and a whole lot more. Recently I had the privilege of a firsthand demonstration of the Smart Configurator from Carlo Gavazzi at PackExpo 2019 in Las Vegas. In this blog, we will touch on the capabilities of Carlo Gavazzi’s newest game changer in the world of IO-Link.

First, the handheld Smart Configurator sports a 5.5” HD touchscreen display. There are additional LEDs to help identify device information such as Power, IO-Link, Error, S102, and USB. The SCTL55 runs dedicated apps that enable the user to access advanced diagnostics. This gives you the ability to look at the device history; everything from accessing the sensor’s lifetime performance to when it came into service, all cycles, alarms, environmental data, number of detections, and more. The device runs an intuitive GUI that provides the user control over even the most complex sensors. This also eliminates some of the stress on PLCs.

Figure 1: Carlo Gavazzi SCTL55 IO-Link Smart Configurator. (Image source: Carlo Gavazzi)

The configurator comes with four standard physical connections for sensors: M12, M8 3-Wire, M8 4-Wire, and a cable connection with test clip connections. There is an SD Card slot providing easy configuration of files and a Micro-USB port for charging. The SCTL55 has a run time of 5 hours in full operation and 22 hours in standby thanks to its high capacity LI-ION Battery. One of my favorite features is that in the absence of a sensor’s IODD file within its memory, the SCTL55 possesses the ability to quickly download specifications on a wide range of sensors via its Wi-Fi capability. Using those specs, it can look at the sensor’s complete data history. It can track environmental conditions, hours, detections, events, cycles, and so much more.

The configuration of sensors is done with great ease thanks to the Smart Configurator’s ability to support the latest IO-Link protocol, IO-Link Version 1.1. This also means it is compatible with older IO-Link Versions (1.0 and 1.1). Now, sensors’ parameters can be easily adjusted with a fine resolution to get the most out of your sensor in its application. Whether configuring your sensor’s output to NPN or PNP, making it Push-Pull, making it normally open versus being normally closed, or you need to change the sensing distance, basic parameters can be tuned to fit your application precisely. Even more complex functions such as time delay or logic gates can be performed. Another important feature the configurator offers is the ability to save your sensor’s configuration and apply to future sensors, removing the need to re-configure each and every time, saving you time.

So, with all of that said, what does the Smart Configurator mean for the industry? It means Factory Floor Engineers can now perform preventive maintenance with greater ease. It is scalable from small scale operations to complex sensor networks. Engineers can connect the configurator to sensors directly on the machine, even inside if necessary. It can alert them if conditions in the machine are operating at maximum specification, causing a shorter life span for sensors, i.e. max temp for a prolonged time period. With this knowledge, preventive maintenance can reduce down time, damaged equipment, lost revenue, and even safety risks.

The SCTL55 is currently in stock here at Digi-Key. For more information please, visit Carlo Gavazzi’s Smart Configurator page.

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