Another Geek Moment: Summer Break 2019 Video Series

One Engineering Student’s Intern Experience at Digi-Key

In our Another Geek Moment video series, you watch as engineers and technicians throughout Digi-Key create custom and unique projects to improve everyday life. The Summer Break Addition provides a twist by employing current electrical engineering students to create an innovative project.

For the third annual Another Geek Moment: Summer Break Edition, Evan, who is a junior electrical engineering student at the University of Minnesota Duluth, joins us at Digi-Key headquarters to create a Raspberry Pi Midi Synthesizer.

In this series he walks us through the process starting with breadboarding a midi controller; taking that a step further and perfboarding the keyboard matrix; then rounding home base by milling a few boards in-house and adding a Raspberry Pi 4B to make it a stand-alone synthesizer.

Raspberry Pi 4B (Image source: Raspberry Pi)

While you’re at it, check out the previous years’ Summer Break Edition videos to see what other cool projects the engineering students worked on; and be sure to check out for full instructions on these projects and so many more!

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(Image source: Digi-Key Electronics)

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