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 I recently did a video on VersaSense's MicroPnP IoT  platform that provides a simple, reliable and affordable solution for wireless sensing and control. It uses the MicroPnP IoT Suite that

includes ultra-low power wireless IoT devices, a wide range of sensors and actuators, and end-to-end software support. Below I will give you some information on how it works.

VersaSense IoT Manager

This allows management of the IoT data & fabric for all of your sites, provided as a managed cloud service

or as an appliance. You can opt for a data & visualization or a management service, or both. The

 manager also provides network managers with a real-time overview of network operation and device status.

Key Technologies

These key technologies include Plug and Play sensing and control, Connectors, and API's, SmartMesh IP  and LoRaWAN.

Plug and Play Sensing Control

      Eliminate the need for any embedded development, self describing peripherals eliminating device updates as new devices are added, over 30 standard sensors and actuators, and end to end security with NIST certified technologies.


Connectors and API's

     Standard connectors for a variety of cloud based IoT platforms, Full access to your devices using IETF CoAP, HTTP/REST, and Websockets. Lastly, Business logic may run anywhere, from your local network to the cloud.


SmartMesh IP

     99.999% wireless network reliability, NIST-certified AES-128-CCM security, Extensible, self-healing mesh networks, Standards-based 6LowPAN, 6TiSCH, and IEEE 802.15.4e.


     5KM suburban range, 128-bit AES-CTR security, and compatible with all major LoRaWAN providers worldwide!


Now that you get an understanding of the tools the kit use's, all you need is the kit!

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