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The purpose of this eewiki post is to highlight and build upon some information from my recent video on the Air Quality Kit designed by Amphenol Advanced Sensors.

Dust measurement

Airflow flows from the bottom inlet and then exits through the top of the sensor, be sure to not cover these two holes. 


This sensor can detect water vapor as dust.  Orientate the sensor in a vertical fashion to allow air to flow through the module. 


For dry particles, you can use a vacuum or some type of forced air to remove dust from the sensor.  For substances such as cigarette tar, you may gently use an alcohol swab to remove cigarette tar from the lens.  Wet cleaning is not recommended. 

Part numbers:

Development kits:

            AAS-AQS-UNO  (235-1461-ND) – includes USB cable, Arduino with preloaded code, OLED screen, shield, and dust sensor
            AAS-AQS-UNO-RH-CO2  (235-1462-ND) – Same kit above, but includes CO2 sensor module, and Humidity & Temp Sensor

Dust Sensor:  SM-PWM-01C (235-1443-ND)

Humidty & Temp Sensor: T9602-3-D-1 (235-1377-ND)

CO2 Sensor Module: T6713-6H (235-1466-ND)

Tape used in video: 471-RED-2"X36YD-BULK (3M5618-ND)

JST Connector housing: XHP-5 (455-2268-ND)

Precrimped wire leads in 6" length: ASXHSXH22K152 (455-3240-ND)

Github code

Github code for the Arduino is located here:


We welcome any questions/inquiries about this item on our TechForum post dedicated to this module:

Blog Video:




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