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  • Using the IDD Current Measurement Feature on the STM32L053 Discovery Board

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  1. Open µVision5 and go to Project > Manage > Pack Installer...
  2. In the left window, choose the device (STMicroelectronics > STM32L0 Series > STM32L053 > STM32L053C8 > STM32L053C8Tx)
  3. In the right window, click the Install buttons next to "Keil::STM32L0xx_DFP" and "ARM::CMSIS"
  4. Close the Pack Installer window and go to Project > New µVision Project...
  5. Navigate to the folder that will contain the project, enter a name for the project (e.g. STM32L035-DISCO_current_meas), and click Save
  6. Select the device (in the bottom left box, navigate to STMicroelectronics > STM32L0 Series > STM32L053 > STM32L053C8 > STM32L053C8Tx) and click OK
  7. Expand the "CMSIS" software component and check the box across from "Core"
  8. Select "Standalone" from the drop-down menu across from the "Device" software component. Expand the "Device" software component and check the box across from "Startup" and click . Click OK
  9. In the Project menu, expand "Target 1", right-click on "Source Group 1", and select Add Existing Files to Group 'Source Group 1'...
  10. Navigate to wherever main.c is stored, select it, click Add, and then click Close
  11. Go to Project > Options for Target 'Target 1'... (Note: you may have to open and close Options for Group 'Source Group 1'... in order for this option to appear)
  12. Under the Debug tab, choose ST-Link Debugger from the top right drop-down menu
  13. Next to that drop-down menu, click Settings, go to the Flash Download tab, click the only option for Programming Algorithms (STM32L0 64KB Flash), and click OK
  14. Click OK again, and go to Project > Build Target
  15. Finally, go to Flash > Download (once the download is complete, the reset button may have to be pressed to use the application)