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The Digi-Key part number for the CuBox-i4Pro by SolidRun that we are using is CU04W-P-000-00-ND.  You can find the datasheet here.  SolidRun is billing this as the "smallest computer in the world".


This 2" x 2" x 2" package has a full backside of connectors.



There are five configurations that you can choose from.






























SolidRun - Ignition.img

SolidRun provides its own image that you will download to your SD card and use to download the operating system of your choice.  Click on the picture below to get to the SolidRun webiste.  Once there, click on "Downloads".


Click "Learn More".



Follow the steps as outlined on the webpage.




Operating System

  Once you have etched Ignition.img to your SD card, you can place that in the CuBox and provide power.  The following graphics will show you the process of downloading your choice of operating systems.




Since we purchased the remote control, Digi-Key part number RC01-ND, we decided to choose an operating system that will allow us to create a type of media center. After some testing of the various operating systems available, we decided on OpenELEC (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center), which utilizes Kodi to turn the CuBox into an entertainment center.

 Click "Install".


Click "Yes" to download the operating system to your SD card.




Click "Yes" to restart.


The CuBox will restart with the operating system you selected.


The first time OpenELEC opens, it will provide three welcome screens that you can click through.


If you have questions on setting up the OpenELEC system, go to and click on "Documentation".

Digi-Key Parts List

CuBox-i4Pro - CU04W-P-000-00-ND

Remote Control - RC01-ND




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