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  • Efinix Trion T120 Implementing VexRiscv RISC-V Core Ruby
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This introduction into the Efinix Trion T120 FPGA Evaluation Kit walks through implementing VexRiscv Ruby SoC RISC-V Soft CPU on Efinix Trion T120.  Topics include connecting a JTAG, installing Efinity, building the RISC-V, programming the on-board configuration memory, and running example RISC-V projects.

Hardware Requirements

Base Boards


Efinity® Integrated Development Environment

This project requires Efinity® Integrated Development Environment v2020.1.140

Zadig USB driver installation made easy

Download Zadig, which is a Windows application that installs generic USB driver

  • Open the Zadig software.
  • Choose Options > List All Devices.
  • Turn off Options > Ignore Hubs or Composite Parents.
  • Select the Trion T120F324 Development Board (Interface 0)
  • Select libusbK (version) next to Driver.
  • Click Replace Driver.
  • Repeat with the Trion T120F324 Development Board (Interface 1)

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  1. Well done Rob ❤️