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What is ReSpeaker?

ReSpeaker is a voice-enabled interface capable of hacking the things around you for voice recognition. Respeaker is based on Mediatek's MT7688 and OpenWRT. ReSpeaker is for Python and C/C++ developers. It is also capable of wireless streaming via Airplay/DLNA.


Hooking up ReSpeaker

First, power up ReSpeaker via the mini USB connection.

When ReSpeaker has booted up, locate wifi network “ReSpeakerXXXXXX” on a laptop. The last 6 digits of the ReSpeaker network will be specific to your device.

Figure 1. Wifi Connections


Once connected to the ReSpeaker network we need to connect ReSpeaker to the internet. Open a web browser and enter “”


Figure 2. IP Address


The first popup you get should be similar to Figure 3 below. ReSpeaker will automatically detect available wifi networks. Select the desired network and enter the proper password.

Note: If ReSpeaker brings you to Figure 4 instead select “Wifi Settings” this should bring up the login page.



Figure 3. ReSpeaker Login


Below is the home page for ReSpeaker development.


Figure 4. ReSpeaker Home Page


To verify that ReSpeaker is online click on the Dashboard tab from Figure 4. Figure 5 is screen shot of what the dashboard looks like. Notice the  in the upper right corner.


Figure 5. ReSpeaker Overview

ReSpeaker is now connected to the internet! You are free to begin hacking the devices around you via ReSpeaker!


Below are some great resources to working with ReSpeaker - 

Datasheet - 

Maker Minute Video - 

ReSpeaker website - 

Respeaker Part Page -





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