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This page will show you step-by-step how to program a Nordic nRF52840-DK device to Digi-Key IoT Studio.

  • nRF52840 Flash-based ANT/ANT+, Bluetooth
  • Low energy SoC solution
  • Buttons and LEDs for user interaction
  • I/O interface for Arduino form factor plug-in modules
  • SEGGER J-Link OB debugger with debug out functionality
  • UART interface through virtual COM port
  • USB
  • Flash memory
  • Drag-and-drop mass storage device (MSD) programming
  • Supporting NFC-A listen mode
  • mbed™ enabled

Hardware Requirements

Base Board

Software Requirements

IoT Agent installed on your local computer.  Please follow this link to the Digi-Key Tech Forum for details on how to set this up.

If you don't have an account established on Digi-Key IoT Studio, you can set one up here.

Example Project

In this example, we are setting up a 1 second Interval to toggle a gpio pin:

Programming Device

From the Upper Right, Click:

  • Save
  • Compile
  • Program

Drag downloaded .HEX file to JLINK drive.

LED 1 should now be blinking at a 1 second interval.


Any questions or comments please go to our TechForum: TechForum

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