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MPL-xx Series

Supplier: Monolithic Power Systems Inc.

Subtitle: Molded Inductor
Description: The MPL-xx Series offers very low-profile inductors for designs with height restrictions. They feature low DCR/ACR and high current capabilites.

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesFixedMolded

MPL-SE Series

Supplier: Monolithic Power Systems Inc.

Subtitle: Semi-Shielded Inductor 10µH
Description: The MPL-SE Series offers semi shielded power inductors that are shielded by an external magnetic epoxy resin for improved magnetic characteristics. Their optimized design offers a lower DCR and higher current capabilities.

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesFixedWirewoundSurface MountFerrite

506WLS Series

American Technical Ceramics 506WLS Series

Supplier: American Technical Ceramics

Subtitle: Ultra-Broadband Surface Mount Inductor
Description: The 506WLS Series high ultra-broadband inductor, provides low insertion loss and excellent match over multiple octaves of frequency spectrum. The 506WLS is ideal for ultra-broadband DC decoupling network and bias tee applications in optical communication systems and equipment using high-speed dig...

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesFixedWirewoundSurface MountPowdered


Johanson Manufacturing JLC

Supplier: Johanson Manufacturing

Subtitle: Variable Inductor Coil

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesAdjustable

Inductor Kits

American Technical Ceramics DK0052

Supplier: American Technical Ceramics

Subtitle: Inductor Kits
Description: Inductor design kits contain a selection of standard inductance values for circuit prototyping.

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesKitsFixed