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LCCI Series

Supplier: AVX Corporation

Subtitle: Multilayer Ceramic Chip Inductors

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesFixedMultilayer

MLO™ Series

AVX Corporation MLO™ Series

Supplier: AVX Corporation

Subtitle: High Q Surface Mount RF Chip Inductors
Description: The Multilayer Organic Inductor is a low profile organic based inductor that can support mobile communications, satellite applications, GPS, matching networks, and collision avoidance. The MLOTM Inductor series of components are based on AVX’s patented multilayer organic technology (US patent 6,9...

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesFixedMultilayer

B82476B1 Series

EPCOS - TDK Electronics B82476B1 Series

Supplier: EPCOS - TDK Electronics

Subtitle: Surface Mount Power Inductors
Description: These power inductors, which are qualified to AEC-Q200, are suitable for operating temperatures from -55°C to 150°C and thus fulfill the rigorous requirements for automotive electronics applications. Designed with a base plate, the unshielded components offer high mechanical stability.

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesFixedMultilayer