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F40 Series

Aries Electronics 20-F40-10

Supplier: Aries Electronics

Subtitle: 0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch, Through Hole Female DIP Strips
Description: This female DIP strip is used in conjunction with Aries’ Shorting Plug SP200, available separately, for your programming needs. A ”Break” feature allows strips to be cut to the number of positions desired.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsRectangular ConnectorsHeaders, Receptacles, Female Sockets

600 Series

Aries Electronics 08-600-10

Supplier: Aries Electronics

Subtitle: 0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch Through Hole Forked Contact Connector Headers
Description: DIP Headers with Coined Contacts

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsRectangular ConnectorsHeaders - Specialty Pin

625 Series

Aries Electronics 25-0625-11

Supplier: Aries Electronics

Subtitle: 0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch Through Hole Forked Contact Connector Headers
Description: 625 Series DIP header with screw machine contacts.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsRectangular ConnectorsHeaders - Specialty Pin

675 Series

Aries Electronics 08-675-191

Supplier: Aries Electronics

Subtitle: 0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch DIP Programmable Connector Headers
Description: Aries DIP programmable headers offer unusual versatility for programming within the header itself.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsRectangular ConnectorsHeaders - Specialty Pin

680 Series

Aries Electronics 04-680-191T

Supplier: Aries Electronics

Subtitle: 0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch Programmable Connector Header
Description: Complete versatility for programming within the unit itself, thus eliminating the need for DIP switches in many situations. Available pre-programmed from Aries, or do-it-yourself using Aries Hand Tool P/N T-680.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsRectangular ConnectorsHeaders - Specialty Pin

Solaris Series

Amphenol PCD Solaris Series

Supplier: Amphenol PCD

Subtitle: Rectangular Connector Housings
Description: Solaris Series is a small, plastic, easy to use rectangular connector designed specifically for low and medium power applications. Polyethermide Housings feature high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, long working life, and high mating cycles.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsRectangular ConnectorsHousingsUnspecified Pitch

650 Series - Aries Electronics

Aries Electronics 16-650-30

Supplier: Aries Electronics

Subtitle: Rectangular Connector Accessories
Description: Various accessories for Aries' 650 Series of rectangular connectors.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsRectangular ConnectorsAccessoriesBackshells, Caps, Covers, Strain Reliefs

ELF Series

Amphenol PCD ELFH03210

Supplier: Amphenol PCD

Subtitle: Terminal Block Headers and Plugs
Description: The Amphenol PCD ELF line comprises a family of durable, high-temperature pluggable terminal blocks and headers on 0.197" (5.00mm), 0.200" (5.08mm) and 0.362" (7.62mm) spacing that provide flexible wire to board interconnect solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsTerminal BlocksHeaders, Plugs, Sockets

FXP FlexiPlug® Series

Amphenol PCD FXPT10200

Supplier: Amphenol PCD

Subtitle: Hybrid Pluggable Block
Description: FXP FlexiPlug® hybrid terminal blocks combine U.S.-style standard screwdriver barrier-block wire terminations with a European-style pluggable block nose; and will mate with both Amphenol PCD and competitive headers. FlexiPlugs® can be used interchangeably with moving cage clamp style plugs, such ...

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsTerminal BlocksHeaders, Plugs, Sockets

ESPM Series

Amphenol PCD ESPM03230

Supplier: Amphenol PCD

Subtitle: High Current Terminal Blocks
Description: The ESPM Series are high current, high voltage, power terminal block connectors.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectors, InterconnectsTerminal BlocksWire to Board