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Network Cables

Tripp Lite N222-01K-BL

Supplier: Tripp Lite

Subtitle: Multi-Pair Cables
Description: Tripp Lite's high quality cables ensure the integrity of your network connections.

Category: Interconnect, WireCables, WiresMultiple Conductor

Hook-Up Wire Kits

SparkFun Electronics PRT-11367

Supplier: SparkFun Electronics

Subtitle: Assorted Solid and Stranded Hook-Up Wire Kits
Description: Six different colors of stranded or solid wire in a cardboard dispenser box.

Category: Interconnect, WireCables, WiresSingle Conductor

Solid Hook-Up Wire

SparkFun Electronics PRT-08023

Supplier: SparkFun Electronics

Subtitle: Solid Hook-Up Wire
Description: For use with applications such as bread boards or any project in which sturdy wire is needed.

Category: Interconnect, WireCables, WiresSingle Conductor

Stranded Hook Up Wire

SparkFun Electronics PRT-08867

Supplier: SparkFun Electronics

Subtitle: Stranded Hook Up Wire
Description: Standard 22 AWG stranded wire. Use this for soldering wire or any project in which you need flexible wire. Stranded wire is recommended for projects where the wire has a bend or stress point.

Category: Interconnect, WireCables, WiresSingle Conductor

Coaxial Cable

Tripp Lite A224-01K-WH

Supplier: Tripp Lite

Subtitle: Coaxial Cable

Category: Interconnect, WireCables, WiresCoaxial Cables (RF)

Fiber Optic Cable

Tripp Lite N549-01K

Supplier: Tripp Lite

Subtitle: Fiber Optic Cable
Description: The N549-01K multimode fiber optic cable is ideal for long backbone runs, or for making your own Fiber patch cables. Individual fibers are surrounded by Kevlar yarn for maximum tensile strength and protection.

Category: Interconnect, WireCables, WiresFiber Optics