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HCTI Series

Signal Transformer HCTI Series

Supplier: Signal Transformer

Subtitle: High Current Toroidal Inductors
Description: High current toroidal inductors with vertical PCB mounting.

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesFixedToroid

FIT Series

Triad Magnetics FIT Series

Supplier: Triad Magnetics

Subtitle: Switchmode/High Frequency Toroidal Inductors
Description: Triad toroidal inductors are specifically designed to minimize transients. These devices store energy, and therefore, condition the output signal by leveling out the current waveform providing a more stable current supply. Generally used in high frequency circuits, Triad Magnetics' standardized d...

Category: PassivesInductors, Coils, ChokesFixedToroid