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Maxim Integrated MAX2551ETN+

Supplier: Maxim Integrated

Subtitle: Band II and V WCDMA Femtocell Transceiver with GSM Monitoring
Description: The MAX2551 is a complete single-chip RF-to-bits and bits-to-RF radio transceiver. The device complies with the 3GPP TS25.104 femtocell standard for Band II and V. It is equipped with multiple receive inputs and transmit outputs for low band, high band, and macro-cell monitoring. This fully integ...

Category: RF, WirelessRF Receivers, Transceivers, TransmittersTransceiversIntegrated Circuits (ICs)

MAX2828 and MAX2829

Maxim Integrated MAX2828 and MAX2829

Supplier: Maxim Integrated

Subtitle: Single and Dual-Band 802.11a/b/g World-Band Transceiver ICs
Description: The MAX2828/MAX2829 single-chip, RF transceiver ICs are designed specifically for OFDM 802.11 WLAN applications. The MAX2828 is designed for single-band 802.11a applications covering world-band frequencies of 4.9GHz to 5.875GHz. The MAX2829 is designed for dual-band 802.11a/g applications coverin...

Category: RF, WirelessRF Receivers, Transceivers, TransmittersTransceiversIntegrated Circuits (ICs)


Maxim Integrated MAX7037EGL+

Supplier: Maxim Integrated

Subtitle: Sub-1GHz, Ultra-Low-Power, RF ISM Transceiver for Consumer/Industrial Applications
Description: The MAX7037 is an ultra-low-power, high-performance quad-band multichannel transceiver with integrated 8051 microcontrollers, flash memory, and sensor interface. The MAX7037 runs from a minimum supply voltage of only 2.1V, extending battery life and enabling it to cope with different sources of e...

Category: RF, WirelessRF Receivers, Transceivers, TransmittersTransceiversIntegrated Circuits (ICs)


Maxim Integrated MAX9947

Supplier: Maxim Integrated

Subtitle: AISG Integrated Transceiver
Description: The MAX9947 is an AISG-compliant, fully integrated transceiver that offers a typical dynamic range of 20dB and integrates a band pass filter that operates in the 2.176MHz frequency with a narrow 200kHz bandwidth. The MAX9947 transmitter includes an OOK modulator, a band pass filter that is compl...

Category: RF, WirelessRF Receivers, Transceivers, TransmittersTransceiversIntegrated Circuits (ICs)