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Capacitor Kits

Johanson Technology Inc. L/C-402DS

Supplier: Johanson Technology Inc.

Subtitle: Ceramic Chip, Surface Mount Kits
Description: Johanson Technology’s engineering prototype kits provide RF designers with a broad selection of high frequency ceramic components. Each kit contains a selection of components as well as the latest product data on high frequency ceramic solutions.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsKitsCeramic

E Series

Johanson Technology Inc. S111DUE

Supplier: Johanson Technology Inc.

Subtitle: Non-Magnetic, Ceramic MLCC, Surface Mount Capacitor Kits
Description: The E-Series capacitors give excellent high-Q performance from HF to Microwave frequencies. Typical uses are high voltage, high current applications. They are offered in chip (Ni barrier or Non-Magnetic Pt.-Ag) or in Non-Magnetic leaded form.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsKitsCeramic

High-Q MLCC Kits

Johanson Technology Inc. S402DS

Supplier: Johanson Technology Inc.

Subtitle: RF, High Q, Low Loss, Surface Mount, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Kits
Description: These lines of multilayer capacitors have been developed for High-Q and microwave applications.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsKitsCeramic

CL Series

Samsung Electro-Mechanics CL Series

Supplier: Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Subtitle: Multilayer Ceramic General Purpose, Surface Mount Capacitor Kits
Description: This kit contains values ranging from 0.4pF to 1000000pF.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsKitsCeramic