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JST Sales America Inc.
XSR Series
JST Sales America Inc.
ZR Series
Kyocera International Inc. Electronic Components
9715 Series

ZR Series

0.059" (1.50mm) Pitch, Receptacle, IDC Connectors

JST Sales America Inc.

1.50mm pitch disconnectable insulation displacement connectors.

Product Description

The twin U-slots (IDC slots), the 3-point insulation grip, and the distortion resistant disconnectable construction ensure a reliable connection even during severe environmental conditions.

  • 3-point grip construction
  • Twin U-slot insulation displacement section
  • Compact
  • Distortion resistant construction
  • Compatible with the ZH crimp style connector
  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Connector Type:Receptacle
  • Contact Finish:Tin
  • Contact Type:Female Socket
  • Features:Closed End
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 13
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Pitch:0.059" (1.50mm)
  • Wire Gauge:28 AWG ~ 30 AWG
  • Wire Type:Discrete

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02ZR-8M-P02ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 2POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket20.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
04ZR-8M-P04ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 4POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket40.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
06ZR-8M-P06ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 6POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket60.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
03ZR-8M-P03ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 3POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket30.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
05ZR-8M-P05ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 5POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket50.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
07ZR-8M-P07ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 7POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket70.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
08ZR-8M-P08ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 8POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket80.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
10ZR-8M-P10ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 10POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket100.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
02ZR-3H-P02ZR-3H-PCONN RCPT 2POS IDC 30AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket20.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
03ZR-3H-P03ZR-3H-PCONN RCPT 3POS IDC 30AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket30.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
06ZR-3H-P06ZR-3H-PCONN RCPT 6POS IDC 30AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket60.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
09ZR-8M-P09ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 9POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket90.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
12ZR-8M-P12ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 12POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket120.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
07ZR-3H-P07ZR-3H-PCONN RCPT 7POS IDC 30AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket70.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
11ZR-8M-P11ZR-8M-PCONN RCPT 11POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket110.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
13ZR-8M-P(P)13ZR-8M-P(P)CONN RCPT 13POS IDC 28AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket130.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
04ZR-3H-P04ZR-3H-PCONN RCPT 4POS IDC 30AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket40.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
05ZR-3H-P05ZR-3H-PCONN RCPT 5POS IDC 30AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket50.059" (1.50mm)RoHS
08ZR-3H-P08ZR-3H-PCONN RCPT 8POS IDC 30AWG TIN ReceptacleFemale Socket80.059" (1.50mm)RoHS

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