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Z80 8-Bit


The Zilog Z80 CPU family of components are fourth-generation enhanced microprocessors with exceptional computational power. They offer higher system throughput and more efficient memory utilization than comparable second- and third-generation microprocessors. The speed offerings from 6–20 MHz suit a wide range of applications which migrate software. The internal registers contain 208 bits of read/write memory that are accessible to the programmer. These registers include two sets of six general purpose registers which may be used individually as either 8-bit registers or as 16-bit register pairs. In addition, there are two sets of accumulator and flag registers. The CPU is easy to incorporate into a system since it requires only a single +5V power source. All output signals are fully decoded and timed to control standard memory or peripheral circuits; the Z80 CPU is supported by an extensive family of peripheral controllers.

  • Core Processor:Z80
  • Graphics Acceleration:No
  • Number of Cores/Bus Width:1 Core, 8-Bit
  • Speed:6MHz ~ 20MHz
  • Supplier Device Package:40-PDIP ~ 100-QFP
  • Voltage - I/O:5.0V

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Z84C0006PEGZ84C0006PEGIC MPU Z80 6MHZ 40DIP Z801 Core, 8-Bit6MHz-40-DIP (0.620", 15.75mm)RoHS
Z84C0008PEGZ84C0008PEGIC MPU Z80 8MHZ 40DIP Z801 Core, 8-Bit8MHz-40-DIP (0.620", 15.75mm)RoHS
Z84C0010PEGZ84C0010PEGIC MPU Z80 10MHZ 40DIP Z801 Core, 8-Bit10MHz-40-DIP (0.620", 15.75mm)RoHS
Z84C0010VEGZ84C0010VEGIC MPU Z80 10MHZ 44PLCC Z801 Core, 8-Bit10MHz-44-LCC (J-Lead)RoHS
Z84C0006VEGZ84C0006VEGIC MPU Z80 6MHZ 44PLCC Z801 Core, 8-Bit6MHz-44-LCC (J-Lead)RoHS
Z84C0010AEGZ84C0010AEGIC MPU Z80 10MHZ 44LQFP Z801 Core, 8-Bit10MHz-44-LQFPRoHS
Z8401510FEGZ8401510FEGIC MPU Z80 10MHZ 100QFP Z801 Core, 8-Bit10MHz-100-QFPRoHS
Z84C1516FSGZ84C1516FSGIC MPU Z80 16MHZ 100QFP Z801 Core, 8-Bit16MHz-100-QFPRoHS
Z84C0008AEGZ84C0008AEGIC MPU Z80 8MHZ 44LQFP Z801 Core, 8-Bit8MHz-44-LQFPRoHS
Z84C0020VEGZ84C0020VEGIC MPU Z80 20MHZ 44PLCC Z801 Core, 8-Bit20MHz-44-LCC (J-Lead)RoHS
Z84C0020AEGZ84C0020AEGIC MPU Z80 20MHZ 44LQFP Z801 Core, 8-Bit20MHz-44-LQFPRoHS
Z84C0008VEGZ84C0008VEGIC MPU Z80 8MHZ 44PLCC Z801 Core, 8-Bit8MHz-44-LCC (J-Lead)RoHS
Z84C1510FEGZ84C1510FEGIC MPU Z80 10MHZ 100QFP Z801 Core, 8-Bit10MHz-100-QFPRoHS
Z84C0006AEGZ84C0006AEGIC MPU Z80 6MHZ 44LQFP Z801 Core, 8-Bit6MHz-44-LQFPRoHS
Z84C1510AEGZ84C1510AEGIC MPU Z80 10MHZ 100LQFP Z801 Core, 8-Bit10MHz-100-LQFPRoHS

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