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Omron Automation and Safety
XS5 Series
Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div
XS5 Series
Panduit Corp
IndustrialNet™ Series
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XS5 Series

Double Shielded, Circular 04 position Male to RJ45 8 position Male Ethernet Cable Assemblies

Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div

Round, Cat5e, Industrial Environments - IP67 cable assemblies.

  • Cable Type:Round
  • Color:Blue
  • Shielding:Double Shielded
  • Usage:Cat5e, Industrial Environments - IP67

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XS5W-T421-GMC-KXS5W-T421-GMC-KCABLE ASSY ETHERNET M12-RJ45 5M Circular 04 pos Male to RJ45, 8p4c16.40' (5.00m)RoundBlueRoHS
XS5W-T421-JMC-KXS5W-T421-JMC-KCABLE ASSY ETHERNET M12-RJ45 10MCircular 04 pos Male to RJ45, 8p4c32.81' (10.00m)RoundBlueRoHS
XS5W-T421-KMC-KXS5W-T421-KMC-KCABLE ETHERNET M12/RF45 15M Circular 04 pos Male to RJ45, 8p4c49.21' (15.00m)RoundBlueRoHS
XS5W-T422-DMC-KXS5W-T422-DMC-KETHERNET CABLE M12 ANG-RJ45 2M Circular 04 pos Male, Right Angle to RJ45, 8p4c6.56' (2.00m)RoundBlueRoHS
XS5W-T422-GMC-KXS5W-T422-GMC-KETHERNET CABLE M12 ANG-RJ45 5M Circular 04 pos Male, Right Angle to RJ45, 8p4c16.40' (5.00m)RoundBlueRoHS
XS5W-T422-JMC-KXS5W-T422-JMC-KETHERNET CABLE M12 ANGRJ45 10M Circular 04 pos Male, Right Angle to RJ45, 8p4c32.81' (10.00m)RoundBlueRoHS

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Associated Product
Omron Automation and Safety XS5W-T421-DMC-K
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Cable Assemblies-Between Series Adapter Cables
Omron Automation and Safety NX-ECC201
Category: Test, Tools, Other Products-Industrial Automation and Controls-Controllers - PLC Modules