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Weller® Sponge
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Weller® Sponge

Replacement Sponge for Iron Stands

Apex Tool Group

The Weller® replacement sponge is the perfect replacement for your old and worn out sponge. Works with many Weller® stands.

  • Type:Sponge

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    TC205TC205SOLDER SPONGE 2.5X2.5" PLAIN Sponge2.50" L x 2.50" W (63.5mm x 63.5mm)Soldering Irons, WorkstandsNo Holes
    T0052241999T0052241999SLDR SPNG 2.75X2.16" CTR HOL 5PKSponge2.75" L x 2.16" W (70.0mm x 55.0mm)-Single Center Hole
    WCC104WCC104SOLDER SPONGE 4X2.25" PLAIN Sponge4.00" L x 2.25" W (101.6mm x 57.2mm)Weller® WLC100, WLC200No Holes
    EC205EC205SOLDER SPONGE 2.5X4.65" PLAIN Sponge2.50" L x 4.65" W (63.5mm x 118.1mm)Weller® EC2000, EC2002No Holes

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    Apex Tool Group PH60
    Category: Test, Tools, Other Products-Solder, Desoldering Equipment-Solder Equipment-Holders, Stands