Würth Elektronik Würth Elektronik WE-CAIR Series

WE-CAIR Series

Air Coil Inductor

Würth Elektronik

WE-CAIR SMD Air Coil Inductors are especially suitable for high frequency applications by offering high self-resonant frequency and very high Q factor. The high SRF and high Q of the WE-CAIR SMD air coil inductors from Würth Elektronik allow a 50% wider frequency range than previous RF coils.

Applications :
  • Current Rating (Amps):1.5A ~ 4A
  • DC Resistance (DCR):1.1mOhm Max ~ 90mOhm Max
  • Frequency - Self Resonant:490MHz ~ 12.5GHz
  • Inductance:1.65nH ~ 538nH
  • Inductance Frequency - Test:50MHz ~ 800MHz
  • Material - Core:Air
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 125°C
  • Package / Case:Nonstandard
  • Shielding:Unshielded
  • Type:Wirewound
744913118744913118FIXED IND 18.5NH 4A 3.9 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir18.5nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744910025744910025FIXED IND 2.55NH 1.6A 5 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir2.55nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744910016744910016FIXED IND 1.65NH 1.6A 4 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir1.65nH±10%NonstandardRoHS
744911071744911071FIXED IND 7.15NH 1.6A 10 MOHM WirewoundAir7.15nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744911112744911112FIXED IND 12.55NH 1.6A 14 MOHM WirewoundAir12.55nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744913112744913112FIXED IND 12.5NH 4A 3.4 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir12.5nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918249744918249FIXED IND 491NH 2A 65 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir491nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918238744918238FIXED IND 380NH 2.5A 50 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir380nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918190744918190FIXED IND 90NH 3.5A 15 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir90nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918230744918230FIXED IND 307NH 3A 35 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir307nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918222744918222FIXED IND 222NH 3A 35 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir222nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918211744918211FIXED IND 111NH 3.5A 15 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir111nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918220744918220FIXED IND 206NH 3A 30 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir206nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918224744918224FIXED IND 246NH 3A 35 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir246nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918254744918254FIXED IND 538NH 2A 90 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir538nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918242744918242FIXED IND 422NH 2.5A 60 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir422nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918213744918213FIXED IND 130NH 3A 20 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir130nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912133744912133FIXED IND 33NH 3A 4.8 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir33nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744918217744918217FIXED IND 169NH 3A 25 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir169nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744914128744914128FIXED IND 28NH 4A 6 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir28nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744914135744914135FIXED IND 35.5NH 4A 6.8 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir35.5nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744913080744913080FIXED IND 8NH 4A 2.6 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir8nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744914143744914143FIXED IND 43NH 4A 7.9 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir43nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912139744912139FIXED IND 39NH 3A 4.4 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir39nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912156744912156FIXED IND 56NH 3A 6.2 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir56nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912210744912210FIXED IND 100NH 1.7A 12.3 MOHM WirewoundAir100nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912212744912212FIXED IND 120NH 1.5A 17.3 MOHM WirewoundAir120nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912122744912122FIXED IND 22NH 3A 4.2 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir22nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912127744912127FIXED IND 27NH 3.5A 4 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir27nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912147744912147FIXED IND 47NH 3A 5.6 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir47nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912182744912182FIXED IND 82NH 2.5A 9.4 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir82nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744912168744912168FIXED IND 68NH 2.5A 8.2 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir68nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744914122744914122FIXED IND 22NH 4A 5.2 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir22nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744910038744910038FIXED IND 3.85NH 1.6A 6 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir3.85nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744913025744913025FIXED IND 2.5NH 4A 1.1 MOHM SMD WirewoundAir2.5nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
744914117744914117FIXED IND 17.5NH 4A 4.5 MOHM SMDWirewoundAir17.5nH±5%NonstandardRoHS
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Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Development Boards, Kits, Programmers-Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits-Power Management
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