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ebm-papst Inc.
W4E315 and W4E350 Series
ebm-papst Inc.
W4E400A and W4E420A Series
ebm-papst Inc.
W4ES250 Series
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W4E400A and W4E420A Series

AC Axial, Tubeaxial, 115V – 230V

ebm-papst Inc.

Most electronics systems create heat which needs to be removed. Fans are the most reliable, efficient way to control heat rise in electronic equipment. Tubeaxial fans come in many sizes and speeds and are the most widely used form of cooling.

  • EBM-Papst offers a wide range of AC axial fans to optimally fit any application
  • All metal construction
  • Shallow profile
  • Round venturi plate
  • Reduced noise and highly efficient compared to other fans
  • Mounting plate with 9mm holes, ready to install
  • Discharge over struts
  • Rotational direction CCW looking at rotor
  • Inlet over struts
  • Direction of rotation is CW looking at rotor
  • Maintenance-free ball bearings
Applications :
  • Computers
  • Electronic components
  • Bearing Type:Ball
  • Fan Type:Tubeaxial
  • Material - Blade:Metal
  • Material - Frame:Metal
  • Noise:73.0dB(A) ~ 74.0dB(A)
  • Power (Watts):240W ~ 285W
  • Termination:2 Wire Leads
  • Voltage - Rated:115VAC ~ 230VAC
  • Width:80.00mm

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W4E400-CP14-71W4E400-CP14-71FAN AXIAL 528X80MM 115VAC WIRE 115VACRound - 528mm Dia80.00mm2910.0 CFM (81.48m³/min)
W4E420-CP03-70W4E420-CP03-70FAN AXIAL 544X80MM 115VAC WIRE 115VACRound - 544mm Dia80.00mm3310.0 CFM (92.68m³/min)RoHS
W4E400-CP02-71W4E400-CP02-71FAN AXIAL 528X80MM 230VAC WIRE 230VACRound - 528mm Dia80.00mm2910.0 CFM (81.48m³/min)RoHS
W4E400-CP02-70W4E400-CP02-70FAN AXIAL 528X80MM 230VAC WIRE 230VACRound - 528mm Dia80.00mm2910.0 CFM (81.48m³/min)

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