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CUI Inc.
VOF-120 Series
CUI Inc.
VSBU-120 Series
CUI Inc.
VSUU-120 Series
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VSBU-120 Series

120W Open Frame Supplies Single to Triple Outputs

CUI Inc.

The VSBU-120 series are 120W AC to DC power supplies. The series is designed to operate on a universal input and has multiple features for protection and monitoring. The VSBU-120 series has single to triple outputs with various voltages available.

  • Universal input range
  • Internal EMI filter
  • Input connector mates with Molex housing 09-50-3051 and Molex 2478 and 2578 series crimp terminal
  • Output connector mates with Molex housing 09-50-3131 and Molex 2478 and 2578 series crimp terminal
  • Input Surge current, overvoltage and over load protection
  • Power factor correction
  • Class I Insulation
  • Applications:ITE (Commercial)
  • Approval Agency:CB Scheme, EN, IEC, SIQ, TUV, UL
  • Efficiency:80%
  • Features:PFC, Universal Input
  • Minimum Load Required:No
  • Mounting Type:Chassis Mount
  • Number of Outputs:1 ~ 3
  • Operating Temperature:0°C ~ 70°C
  • Power (Watts):120W
  • Size / Dimension:5.00" L x 3.00" W x 1.28" H (127.0mm x 76.2mm x 32.5mm)
  • Standard Number:55024; 55032 Class B; 60950-1; 61000-3-2; 61000-3-3
  • Type:Open Frame
  • Voltage - Input:90 ~ 260 VAC
  • Voltage - Isolation:4.242kV
  • Voltage - Output 1:3.3V ~ 48V

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VSBU-120-24VSBU-120-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120W Open Frame190 ~ 260 VAC24VRoHS
VSBU-120-D512VSBU-120-D512AC/DC CONVERTER 5V 12V 120W Open Frame290 ~ 260 VAC5VRoHS
VSBU-120-D524AVSBU-120-D524AAC/DC CONVERTER 5V 24V 120W Open Frame290 ~ 260 VAC5VRoHS
VSBU-120-T512AVSBU-120-T512AAC/DC CONVERTER 5V +/-12V 120W Open Frame390 ~ 260 VAC5VRoHS
VSBU-120-12VSBU-120-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120W Open Frame190 ~ 260 VAC12VRoHS
VSBU-120-15VSBU-120-15AC/DC CONVERTER 15V 120W Open Frame190 ~ 260 VAC15VRoHS
VSBU-120-T3512BVSBU-120-T3512BAC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 5V 12V 120WOpen Frame390 ~ 260 VAC3.3VRoHS
VSBU-120-36VSBU-120-36AC/DC CONVERTER 36V 120W Open Frame190 ~ 260 VAC36VRoHS
VSBU-120-5VSBU-120-5AC/DC CONVERTER 5V 120W Open Frame190 ~ 260 VAC5VRoHS
VSBU-120-48VSBU-120-48AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120W Open Frame190 ~ 260 VAC48VRoHS

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Associated Product
Molex 0009503021
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Housings-0.156" (3.96mm) Pitch