MikroElektronika MikroElektronika MIKROE-1198

VOLT - Smart USB Li-Po Battery Charger

MIKROE-1198 VOLT - Smart USB Li-Po Battery Charger


VOLT is a smart USB Li-Polymer battery charger. It features power management circuitry with MCP73832, which can charge the battery over USB connector. Using provided screw terminals (VSYS and GND) VOLT can also be used to power your target device from battery (Vbat) or USB (5V). When USB is connected, battery is charging and VSYS outputs 5V. Power LED is active when either USB or battery is connected, while Charge LED lights up only when battery is charging. Additional screw terminals with STAT and SENSE lines enable battery charge monitoring.

  • Embedded:No
  • Function:Battery Charger
  • Secondary Attributes:On-Board LEDs
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Power Management
  • Utilized IC / Part:MCP73832
MIKROE-1198MIKROE-1198BOARD SMART USB LI-PO CHARGER Power ManagementBattery ChargerNoMCP73832RoHS
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Microchip Technology Battery Chargers
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Integrated Circuits (ICs)-PMIC - Power Management-Battery Chargers-Lithium