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Vishay Vitramon
VJ 32 Lead-Bearing Finish MLCCs
Vishay Vitramon
VJ Automotive Series
Vishay Vitramon
VJ Basic Commodity Series
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VJ Automotive Series

High Temperature, Automotive, Surface Mount, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Vishay Vitramon

The VJ Automotive Series is available with optional polymer terminations designed to withstand higher levels of bending stress.

Product Description

The VJ Automotive Series is available with flexible polymer terminations with 100 % tin plate matte finish (VJ….31). The polymer terminations increase the bending ability of the capacitors, reducing the risk of a short circuit due to board-flex cracking in automotive under-the-hood, safety, and comfort electronics.

  • High operating temperature
  • Wet build process
  • Reliable Noble Metal Electrode (NME) system
  • Applications:Automotive
  • Capacitance:470pF ~ .1µF
  • Features:High Temperature
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, MLCC
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 150°C
  • Ratings:AEC-Q200
  • Voltage - Rated:50V ~ 100V

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VJ0805A471KXBBC31VJ0805A471KXBBC31CAP CER 470PF 100V C0G/NP0 0805 470pF±10%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
VJ0603Y102KXAAC31VJ0603Y102KXAAC31CAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R 0603 1000pF±10%50VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
VJ0805A102JXBBC31VJ0805A102JXBBC31CAP CER 1000PF 100V C0G/NP0 08051000pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
VJ0603Y102KXBAC31VJ0603Y102KXBAC31CAP CER 1000PF 100V X7R 0603 1000pF±10%100VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
VJ0603Y222KXBAC31VJ0603Y222KXBAC31CAP CER 2200PF 100V X7R 0603 2200pF±10%100VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
VJ0805Y103KXBBC31VJ0805Y103KXBBC31CAP CER 10000PF 100V X7R 0805 10000pF±10%100VX7R0805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
VJ0603Y103MXBAC31VJ0603Y103MXBAC31CAP CER 10000PF 100V X7R 0603 10000pF±20%100VX7R0603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
VJ1206Y103KXBBE31VJ1206Y103KXBBE31CAP CER 10000PF 100V X7R 1206 10000pF±10%100VX7R1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
VJ0805Y223KXBBC31VJ0805Y223KXBBC31CAP CER 0.022UF 100V X7R 0805 .022µF±10%100VX7R0805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
VJ0805Y104KXABE31VJ0805Y104KXABE31CAP CER 0.1UF 50V X7R 0805 .1µF±10%50VX7R0805 (2012 Metric)RoHS

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