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Impel 203387 Series
Panasonic Electric Works
V Series
Phoenix Contact
PRC Series

V Series

1 Channel-Bi-Direction - 2 Channel-Uni-Direction Active Optical Connector

Panasonic Electric Works

Easy high speed optical transfer inside devices.

  • Cable Length - Unexposed:1.64' (0.50m) 19.69"
  • Number of Lines:1 ~ 2
  • Type:Optical Connector Plug to Wire

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AYG5V15085M1AYG5V15085M1OPTICAL TRANSCEIVER 1CH 6GBS 500Optical Connector Plug to Wire21.64' (0.50m) 19.69"-RoHS
AYG4V15085M1AYG4V15085M1OPTICAL TRANSCVR 1CH 8GBS 500MM Optical Connector Plug to Wire11.64' (0.50m) 19.69"-RoHS

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