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USB Cable Assemblies
USB IP67 Cable Assemblies
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USB IP67 Cable Assemblies

Industrial USB Type A and B Plugs and Receptacles


Industrial USB connectors bring one of the most popular and convenient I/O connectors into harsh commercial and industrial environments.

Product Description

Molex 's sealed, industrial Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectors are ideal for industrial and harsh commercial applications, where a secure and robust connection is required. The rugged, plug and receptacle designs feature bayonet-style latches, encapsulated PCB receptacles and overmolded cable assemblies to help keep out dust, debris and water.

Many industrial devices and networks use a direct interface to a PC for programming, monitoring, data collection and diagnostics of the industrial bus. USB connectors are ideal for both short-term diagnostics that require simple and fast setup, and permanent installations for data acquisition systems. Once software has been installed, USB plugs and receptacles can be quickly connected and disconnected from various devices without having to turn off computers or equipment.

High performance results and ease-of-use make industrial USB from Molex a valuable solution for a variety of harsh environment applications.

  • IP 67 and NEMA 6P ratings ensure cordsets are water and dust tight for functional integrity
  • Overmolded cordsets allow faster installation at customer site versus field-wireable designs
  • Bayonet-style latch receptacle provides quick and easy connection and ensures proper insertion depth with mating
  • Cordsets available in varied lengths up to 5.00m (16.40") allows customers to choose the length convenient for their specific application
  • Fully shielded cable provides Electro Magnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) protection
  • Industrial Automation
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Factory Automation
  • Factory Peripherals
  • Industrial Computers
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Motion and Process Controls
  • Printers
  • Robotics
  • Test Equipment
  • Vision Systems
  • Medical
  • Medical Devices

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08472900030847290003USB TYPE-A RECPT. PANEL MT CORD A Female to A Male (Circular Coupling)0.50' (152.4mm)USB 2.028 AWG, 28 AWGRoHS
08472900040847290004CABLE USB A RCPT BKHEAD-PLUG .8MA Female to A Male (Circular Coupling)2.66' (810.0mm)USB 2.028 AWG, 28 AWGRoHS
08472900060847290006CABLE USB A RCPT BKHEAD-PLUG 2M A Female to A Male (Circular Coupling)6.82' (2.08m)USB 2.028 AWG, 28 AWGRoHS
08472900010847290001CONN RCPT USB A PNL MNT W/LEADS A Female to Wire Leads (Circular Coupling)0.50' (152.4mm)USB 2.028 AWG, 28 AWGRoHS
08472900020847290002RCPT USB-A PIGTAIL 20AWG PNL MT A Female to Wire Leads (Circular Coupling)0.50' (152.4mm)USB 2.020 AWG, 28 AWGRoHS
08473200040847320004CABLE DUAL PLUG USB A-B 3.0M A Male to B Male (Circular Coupling)9.84' (3.00m)-28 AWG, 28 AWGRoHS
08473200020847320002CABLE DUAL PLUG USB A-B 1.5M A Male to B Male (Circular Coupling)4.92' (1.50m)-28 AWG, 28 AWGRoHS
08472710020847271002CABLE PLUG USB A-PIGTAIL 1.5M A Male to Cable, Round (Circular Coupling)4.92' (1.50m)--RoHS
08472710040847271004USB PLUG A SHIELD TO PIGTAIL 5M A Male to Cable, Round (Circular Coupling)16.40' (5.00m)--RoHS
08472710030847271003CABLE PLUG USB A-PIGTAIL IND 3M A Male to Cable, Round (Circular Coupling)9.84' (3.00m)--RoHS

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