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USB 3.0
Cinch Connectivity Solutions
USB 2.0
CNC Tech

USB 2.0

Shielded, Universal Serial Bus Cable Assemblies (USB Ver. 2.0)

Cinch Connectivity Solutions

These USB cables consist of one pair of 20-28 AWG wire for power distribution (low or full speed) and one pair of 28 AWG wire twisted, with a shield and overall jacket (full speed) for signal distribution.

  • Color:Gray
  • Shielding:Shielded
  • Specifications:USB 2.0
30-3008-630-3008-6CBL USB2.0 A RCPT TO A PLUG 6' A Female to A Male6.00' (1.83m)USB 2.0-RoHS
30-3006-630-3006-6CBL USB2.0 A PLUG TO A PLUG 6' A Male to A Male6.00' (1.83m)USB 2.0-RoHS
30-3007-630-3007-6CBL USB2.0 A PLUG TO B PLUG 6' A Male to B Male6.00' (1.83m)USB 2.0-RoHS
30-3007-1530-3007-15CBL USB2.0 A PLUG TO B PLUG 15' A Male to B Male15.00' (4.57m)USB 2.0-RoHS
30-3007-1030-3007-10CBL USB2.0 A PLUG TO B PLUG 10' A Male to B Male10.00' (3.05m)USB 2.0-RoHS
30-3007-330-3007-3CBL USB2.0 A PLUG TO B PLUG 3' A Male to B Male3.00' (914.4mm)USB 2.0-RoHS