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TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Universal MATE-N-LOK II Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Universal MATE-N-LOK Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Universal Power Series
  • Pins and sockets can be intermixed in the same housing
  • Positive polarization
  • Rear cavity identification
  • Low contact mating force
  • Dual locking lances provide optimum contact stability
  • Contact Termination:Crimp
  • Note:Contacts Not Included
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 15
  • Number of Rows:1 ~ 4
2294562-12294562-1UMNL TWIST-N-LOK, 5POS, CAP HOUSPlugMale Pin5-
1-480699-01-480699-0CONN CAP 2POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female21RoHS
1-480700-01-480700-0CONN PLUG 3POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female31RoHS
350809-1350809-1CONN PLUG 5POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female51RoHS
350778-1350778-1CONN CAP 2POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female21RoHS
350766-1350766-1CONN PLUG 3POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female31RoHS
350777-1350777-1CONN PLUG 2POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female21RoHS
794760-1794760-1CONN CAP RCPT 6POS UMNL FLANGE ReceptacleMale or Female63RoHS
794762-1794762-1CONN CAP RCPT 12POS UMNL FLANGE ReceptacleMale or Female123RoHS
1-480702-01-480702-0CONN PLUG 4POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female41RoHS
1-480701-01-480701-0CONN CAP 3POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
1-480703-01-480703-0CONN CAP 4POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female41RoHS
1-480699-91-480699-9CONN U-MNL CAP 2POS 94V-2 BLK ReceptacleMale or Female21RoHS
1-480699-21-480699-2CONN U-MNL CAP 2POS 94V-2 RED ReceptacleMale or Female21RoHS
1-480703-91-480703-9CONN U-MNL CAP 4POS 94V-2 BLK ReceptacleMale or Female41RoHS
1-480705-01-480705-0CONN CAP 6POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female62RoHS
1-480698-21-480698-2CONN U-MNL PLUG 2POS 94V-2 RED PlugMale or Female21RoHS
1-480707-01-480707-0CONN CAP 9POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female93RoHS
1-480703-21-480703-2CONN U-MNL CAP 4POS 94V-2 RED ReceptacleMale or Female41RoHS
1-480704-01-480704-0CONN PLUG 6POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female63RoHS
1-480763-01-480763-0CONN PLUG 5POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female51RoHS
1-480702-21-480702-2CONN U-MNL PLUG 4POS 94V-2 RED PlugMale or Female41RoHS
1-480706-91-480706-9CONN U-MNL PLUG 9POS 94V-2 BLK PlugMale or Female93RoHS
1-480706-01-480706-0CONN PLUG 9POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female93RoHS
1-480709-01-480709-0CONN CAP 12POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female123RoHS
1-480707-91-480707-9CONN U-MNL CAP 9POS 94V-2 BLK ReceptacleMale or Female93RoHS
1-480700-91-480700-9CONN U-MNL PLUG 3POS 94V-2 BLK PlugMale or Female31RoHS
1-480764-01-480764-0CONN CAP 5POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female51RoHS
1-480708-01-480708-0CONN PLUG 12POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female123RoHS
1-350777-91-350777-9CONN U-MNL PLUG 2POS 94V-0 BLK PlugMale or Female21RoHS
2178474-22178474-2CONN PLUG HSG 3POS UNIV PlugMale or Female31RoHS
2178473-32178473-3CONN PLUG HSG 3POS PlugMale or Female31RoHS
1-480711-01-480711-0CONN CAP 15POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female153RoHS
350767-1350767-1CONN CAP 3POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
350777-4350777-4CONN PLUG HSG 2POS PlugMale or Female21RoHS
350810-1350810-1CONN CAP 5POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female51RoHS
350781-1350781-1CONN CAP 6POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female62RoHS
350766-4350766-4CONN PLUG 3POS UNIVER MATE-N-LOKPlugMale or Female31RoHS
350780-1350780-1CONN CAP 4POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female41RoHS
350720-1350720-1CONN PLUG 9POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female93RoHS
1-480710-01-480710-0CONN PLUG 15POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female153RoHS
2-480700-02-480700-0CONN PLUG 3POS FREE HANG UNM-N-LPlugMale or Female31RoHS
640585-1640585-1CONN PLUG 6POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female61RoHS
350782-1350782-1CONN CAP 9POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female93RoHS
350735-1350735-1CONN PLUG 12POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female123RoHS
640582-1640582-1CONN PLUG 8POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female81RoHS
350779-4350779-4CONN PLUG HSG 4POS PlugMale or Female41RoHS
350783-1350783-1CONN CAP 12POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female123RoHS
640581-1640581-1CONN PLUG 6POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female61RoHS
640586-1640586-1CONN PLUG 8POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female81RoHS
926298-6926298-6UNML PLUG 4WAY PlugFemale Socket4-RoHS
926308-1926308-1CONN CAP 8POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female81RoHS
1-480702-91-480702-9CONN U-MNL PLUG 4POS 94V-2 BLK PlugMale or Female41RoHS
1-480698-11-480698-1CONN PLUG 2POS UNIV-M-N-L BROWN PlugMale or Female21RoHS
1-480701-11-480701-1CONN RCPT HSG 3POS BRN ReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
1-480701-21-480701-2CONN U-MNL CAP 3POS 94V-2 RED ReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
1-480702-11-480702-1CONN PLUG 4POS UNIV-M-N-L BROWN PlugMale or Female41RoHS
1-480705-91-480705-9CONN U-MNL CAP 6POS 94V-2 BLK ReceptacleMale or Female62RoHS
1-480705-21-480705-2CONN U-MNL CAP 6POS 94V-2 RED ReceptacleMale or Female62RoHS
1-480704-91-480704-9CONN U-MNL PLUG 6POS 94V-2 BLK PlugMale or Female63RoHS
1-350779-91-350779-9CONN U-MNL PLUG 4POS 94V-0 BLK PlugMale or Female41RoHS
1-350777-11-350777-1CONN PLUG HSG 2POS BROWN PlugMale or Female21RoHS
1-350778-91-350778-9CONN U-MNL CAP 2POS 94V-0 BLK ReceptacleMale or Female21RoHS
1-350779-11-350779-1CONN PLUG HSG 4POS BROWN PlugMale or Female41RoHS
1-350766-11-350766-1CONN PLUG HSG 3POS BROWN PlugMale or Female31RoHS
2-480703-02-480703-0CONN CAP 4POS UNIV-M-N-L NATURALReceptacleMale or Female41RoHS
1-480710-21-480710-2CONN U-MNL PLUG 15POS 94V-2 RED PlugMale or Female153RoHS
794096-1794096-1CONN PLUG HSG 6POS PlugMale or Female62RoHS
926305-7926305-7CONN RCPT HSG 4POS UNIV ReceptacleMale or Female41RoHS
2-480706-02-480706-0CONN PLUG MATRIX 9 CIRCUIT UMNL PlugMale or Female93RoHS
926301-3926301-3CONN PLUG HSG 8POS PlugMale or Female81RoHS
794761-1794761-1CONN CAP RCPT 9POS UMNL FLANGE ReceptacleMale or Female93RoHS
926308-3926308-3CONN CAP 8POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female81RoHS
926307-3926307-3CONN CAP 6POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female61RoHS
1-480699-81-480699-8CONN CAP 2POS UNIV-M-N-L GRAY ReceptacleMale or Female21RoHS
1-480703-51-480703-5CONN CAP 4POS UNIV-M-N-L GREEN ReceptacleMale or Female41RoHS
1-480701-51-480701-5CONN CAP 3POS UNIV-M-N-L GREEN ReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
1586702-11586702-1CONN PLUG HSG 2POS NATL PlugMale or Female21RoHS
1586852-11586852-1CONN PLUG HSG 4POS UNIV PlugMale or Female41RoHS
1-480711-91-480711-9CONN U-MNL CAP 15POS 94V-2 BLK ReceptacleMale or Female153RoHS
1-350777-31-350777-3CONN PLUG HSG 2POS ORANGE PlugMale or Female21RoHS
1-350779-31-350779-3CONN PLUG HSG 4POS ORANGE PlugMale or Female41RoHS
794741-1794741-109P UMNL PLUG HSG NATL PlugMale Pin9-RoHS
350810-2350810-205P UMNL CAP HSG ReceptacleMale Pin5-RoHS
1-350778-11-350778-102P UMNL V0 CAP HSG BROWN ReceptacleMale Pin2-RoHS
1-350778-31-350778-302P UMNL V0 CAP HSG ORANGE ReceptacleMale Pin2-RoHS
794816-2794816-206P UMNL PLUG, GWI-V2 PlugMale Pin6-RoHS
1-350715-11-350715-106P UMNL V0 PLUG HSG BROWN PlugMale Pin6-RoHS
926305-6926305-6UNML4WAY CAP ReceptacleFemale Socket4-RoHS
926298-1926298-14P UNIV.M-N-L.CAP PlugFemale Socket4-RoHS
926298-3926298-3CONN PLUG HSG 4POS UNIV PlugMale or Female41RoHS
926681-3926681-3CONN RCPT HSG 12POS UNIV ReceptacleMale or Female124RoHS
794714-1794714-1CONN CAP RCPT 6POS UMNL FLANGE ReceptacleMale or Female63RoHS
926300-1926300-16P UNIV.M-N-L.PLUG PlugMale Pin6-RoHS
1-480698-61-480698-6CONN PLUG 2POS UNIV-M-N-L BLUE PlugMale or Female21RoHS
1-480700-41-480700-4CONN PLUG 3POS UNIV-M-N-L YELLOWPlugMale or Female31RoHS
1-480700-21-480700-2CONN U-MNL PLUG 3POS 94V-2 RED PlugMale or Female31RoHS
1-480701-61-480701-6CONN CAP 3POS UNIV-M-N-L BLUE ReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
1-480701-81-480701-8CONN CAP 3POS UNIV-M-N-L GRAY ReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
1-480703-11-480703-1CONN CAP 4POS UNIV-M-N-L BROWN ReceptacleMale or Female41RoHS
1-480701-41-480701-4CONN CAP 3POS UNIV-M-N-L YELLOW ReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
1-480709-41-480709-4CONN CAP 12POS UNIV-M-N-L YELLOWReceptacleMale or Female123RoHS
1-480704-21-480704-2CONN U-MNL PLUG 6POS 94V-2 RED PlugMale or Female63RoHS
480764-9480764-9CONN U-MNL CAP 5POS 94V-2 BLK ReceptacleMale or Female51RoHS
1-480707-21-480707-2CONN U-MNL CAP 9POS 94V-2 RED ReceptacleMale or Female93RoHS
1-350778-21-350778-2CONN U-MNL CAP 2POS 94V-0 RED ReceptacleMale or Female21RoHS
8-794535-18-794535-106P UMNL PLUG HSG 150C BLK, SP PlugMale Pin6-RoHS
794536-1794536-1CONN RCPT HSG 6POS 150C BLK ReceptacleMale or Female62RoHS
794535-1794535-1CONN PLUG HSG 6POS 150C BLK PlugMale or Female62RoHS
350809-3350809-305P UMNL PLUG HSG PlugMale Pin5-RoHS
1-480698-91-480698-9CONN U-MNL PLUG 2POS 94V-2 BLK PlugMale or Female21RoHS
350715-4350715-4CONN PLUG HSG 6POS PlugMale or Female63RoHS
350736-1350736-1CONN PLUG 15POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female153RoHS
926307-1926307-1CONN CAP 6POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female61RoHS
350784-1350784-1CONN CAP 15POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE ReceptacleMale or Female153RoHS
1-480708-21-480708-2CONN U-MNL PLUG 12POS 94V-2 RED PlugMale or Female123RoHS
1-480708-91-480708-9CONN U-MNL PLUG 12POS 94V-2 BLK PlugMale or Female123RoHS
926682-3926682-306P UNIV.M-N-L.HSG. ReceptacleFemale Socket6-RoHS
1-350766-21-350766-2CONN U-MNL PLUG 3POS 94V-0 RED PlugMale or Female31RoHS
926298-7926298-7UNIVERSAL MATE-N-LOK 4 WAY PLUG PlugFemale Socket4-RoHS
926300-3926300-3CONN PLUG HSG 6POS PlugMale or Female61RoHS
2-480705-02-480705-0CONN CAP MATRIX 6 CIRCUIT UMNL ReceptacleMale or Female62RoHS
927231-3927231-3HONHUS UMNL V0 9-P ReceptacleFemale Socket9-RoHS
350720-4350720-4CONN HOUSING 9POS FREE HANGING PlugMale or Female93RoHS
926302-1926302-1CONN PLUG HSG 10POS PlugMale or Female101RoHS
1-480700-31-480700-3CONN PLUG 3POS UNIV-M-N-L ORANGEPlugMale or Female31RoHS
1-350777-41-350777-4CONN U-MNL PLUG PlugMale or Female21RoHS
1-350777-81-350777-802P UMNL V0 PLUG HSG GRAY PlugPin2-RoHS
1-350779-51-350779-5CONN PLUG HSG 4POS GREEN PlugMale or Female41RoHS
480763-2480763-2CONN U-MNL PLUG 5POS 94V-2 RED PlugMale or Female51RoHS
480764-2480764-2CONN U-MNL CAP 5POS 94V-2 RED ReceptacleMale or Female51RoHS
926647-3926647-3UNIV.M-N-L.CAP HSG ReceptacleMale Pin15-RoHS
350736-4350736-4CONN HOUSING MATE-N-LOK 15CRCT PlugMale or Female153RoHS
926681-1926681-1CONN RCPT HSG 12POS UNIV ReceptacleMale or Female124RoHS
794715-1794715-1CONN CAP RCPT 9POS UMNL FLANGE ReceptacleMale or Female93RoHS
926302-3926302-3CONN PLUG HSG 10POS PlugMale or Female101RoHS
1-480708-41-480708-4CONN PLUG 12POS UNIV-M-N-L YELLWPlugMale or Female123RoHS
926299-5926299-5UNML PLUG 5WAY PlugMale Pin5-RoHS
2-480709-02-480709-0CONN CAP 12POS UNIV-M-N-L NATUL ReceptacleMale or Female123RoHS
926647-1926647-1BOIT F MNL 15P ReceptacleMale Pin15-RoHS
794716-1794716-1CONN CAP RCPT 12POS UMNL FLANGE ReceptacleMale or Female123RoHS
1-480698-01-480698-0CONN PLUG 2POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female21RoHS
350779-1350779-1CONN PLUG 4POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female41RoHS
1-480699-11-480699-1CONN CAP 2POS UNIV-M-N-L BROWN ReceptacleMale or Female21RoHS
1-480698-51-480698-5CONN PLUG 2POS UNIV-M-N-L GREEN PlugMale or Female21RoHS
1-480701-91-480701-9CONN U-MNL CAP 3POS 94V-2 BLK ReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
2178473-22178473-2CONN PLUG HSG 3POS UNIV PlugMale or Female31RoHS
1-350777-21-350777-2CONN U-MNL PLUG 2POS 94V-0 RED PlugMale or Female21RoHS
350715-1350715-1CONN PLUG 6POS 94V-0 UNI-MATE PlugMale or Female63RoHS
350735-4350735-4CONN HOUSING 12POS FREE HANGING PlugMale or Female123RoHS
2-480702-02-480702-0CONN PLUG 4POS UNIV-M-N-L NATURLPlugMale or Female41RoHS
1-480700-61-480700-6CONN PLUG 3POS UNIV-M-N-L BLUE PlugMale or Female31RoHS
1-480709-91-480709-9CONN U-MNL CAP 12POS 94V-2 BLK ReceptacleMale or Female123RoHS
2-480707-02-480707-0CONN CAP 9POS UNIV-M-N-L NATURALReceptacleMale or Female93RoHS
2-480704-02-480704-0CONN PLUG HSG 6POS UMNL NATL PlugMale or Female63RoHS
926299-3926299-35P UN-MNL STECKGEH PlugMale Pin5-RoHS
1-480704-11-480704-1CONN PLUG 6POS UNIV-M-N-L BROWN PlugMale or Female63RoHS
1-480704-41-480704-4CONN PLUG 6POS UNIV-M-N-L YELLOWPlugMale or Female63RoHS
926301-1926301-18P UNIV.M-N-L.PLUG PlugMale Pin8-RoHS
1-794714-61-794714-606P UMNL CAP HSG,PAN MNT,BLUE ReceptacleMale or Female6-RoHS
1-480710-91-480710-9CONN U-MNL PLUG 15POS 94V-2 BLK PlugMale or Female153RoHS
2-480701-02-480701-0CONN CAP 3POS UNIV-M-N-L NATURALReceptacleMale or Female31RoHS
2-480708-02-480708-0CONN PLUG 12PS FREE HANG UNM-N-LPlugMale or Female123RoHS
2-480711-02-480711-0CONN RCPT HSG 15POS NATL ReceptacleMale or Female153RoHS
Associated Product
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 770017-1
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Housings-> 0.200" (5.08mm) Pitch
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Universal MATE-N-LOK Series
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Headers - Male Pins-> 0.200" (5.08mm) Pitch
XP Power CCH Series
Category: Power, Circuit Protection-Power Supplies-AC to DC Converters-External, Internal (Off Board)-351W to 500W
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 794758-1
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Accessories-Boots, Bushings, Seals
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 1644055-1
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Housings-Unspecified Pitch
XP Power CCH Series
Category: Power, Circuit Protection-Power Supplies-AC to DC Converters-External, Internal (Off Board)-501W to 750W
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Universal MATE-N-LOK Series
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Headers, Receptacles, Female Sockets
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 350848-2
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Free Hanging, Panel Mount
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Universal MATE-N-LOK
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Contacts
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 1-640719-1
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Accessories-Backshells, Caps, Covers, Strain Reliefs