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ITT Cannon, LLC
120220 Series
ITT Cannon, LLC
Universal Contact Series
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Universal Contact Series

Surface Mount, Dome Spring Connector Contacts

ITT Cannon, LLC

ITT’s Universal Contact Series is an ideal solution for handheld device interconnection with unique application requirements.

Product Description

The challenge was to design a new contact which fulfills customer’s basic needs but also maintain a high hertz force while being easy enough to pick and place to the board. These features had to be achieved with a prevention feature to eliminate the risk of flux and solder migration to the contacts working area.

  • Domed contact point allows good hertz stress and low contact resistance
  • “Side wings” protect the active parts of the contact which prevent contact from overstressing and potential damage and provides the pre-load forces
  • Solderwell that prevents solder wicking up the contact
  • Compliant with WEEE and RoHS directives
  • Laptop & Computers
  • Key Fob
  • Smoke Detector
  • PC Card Devices
  • Home Electronic Devices
  • Handset
  • Smart Phone
  • GPS Unit
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Attachment Method:Solder
  • Material:Titanium Copper
  • Plating:Nickel
  • Plating - Thickness:118.11µin (3.00µm)
  • Type:Shield Finger, Pre-Loaded
  • Width:0.038" (0.96mm)

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120220-0311120220-0311MICRO UNIVERSAL CONTACT Z 1.8MM Shield Finger, Pre-Loaded-0.038" (0.96mm)0.098" (2.50mm)
120220-0312120220-0312MICRO UNIVERSAL CONTACT Z 2.5MM Shield Finger, Pre-Loaded-0.038" (0.96mm)0.144" (3.66mm)RoHS
120220-0313120220-0313MICRO UNIVERSAL CONTACT Z 3.0MM Shield Finger, Pre-Loaded-0.038" (0.96mm)0.147" (3.73mm)
120220-0315120220-0315MICRO UNIVERSAL CONTACT Z 4.0MM Shield Finger, Pre-Loaded-0.038" (0.96mm)0.157" (3.99mm)
120220-0310120220-0310MICRO UNIVERSAL CONTACT Z 1.3MM Shield Finger, Pre-Loaded-0.038" (0.96mm)0.093" (2.37mm)
120220-0314120220-0314MICRO UNIVERSAL CONTACT Z 3.5MM Shield Finger, Pre-Loaded-0.038" (0.96mm)0.149" (3.79mm)

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