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Multi-Conductor Cable
ÖLFLEX® Series


Multi-Pair Cables


UNITRONIC® BUS Long Distance (LD) cables are built after the RS-422 and RS-485 standards and are robust solutions for transmitting data over long distances and noisy environments. Stranded copper conductors and high-performance insulation optimize flexing endurance. Tinned copper braid provides superior EMI protection.

  • Maximum EMI protection
  • PUR jacket resistant to tear, abrasion & mineral oils
  • Flexible for ease of routing
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Length:100.0' (30.5m)
  • Voltage:250V ~ 300V

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301602301602CBL UNITRON 300 16/2C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor216 AWG-
302006S302006SCBL UNITRON 300 S 20/6C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor620 AWG-
21702202170220CABLE UNITRONIC 22/1PR 1=100FT Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair)22 AWG-
21702192170219CABLE UNITRONIC 22/1PR 1=100FT Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair)22 AWG-
302403302403CBL UNITRON 300 24/3C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor324 AWG-
21708202170820CBL UNITRONIC FC 22/1PR 1=100FT Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair)22 AWG-
302404302404CBL UNITRON 300 24/4C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor424 AWG-
301802301802CBL UNITRON 300 18/2C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor218 AWG-
302204302204CBL UNITRON 300 22/4C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor422 AWG-
302003302003CBL UNITRON 300 20/3C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor320 AWG-
301803S301803SCBL UNITRON 300 S 18/3C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor318 AWG-
302206302206CBL UNITRON 300 22/6C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor622 AWG-
302406302406CBL UNITRON 300 24/6C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor624 AWG-
301804301804CBL UNITRON 300 18/4C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor418 AWG-
302206S302206SCBL UNITRON 300 S 22/6C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor622 AWG-
302003S302003SCBL UNITRON 300 S 20/3C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor320 AWG-
302408S302408SCBL UNITRON 300 S 24/8C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor824 AWG-
301802S301802SCBL UNITRON 300 S 18/2C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor218 AWG-
302410302410CBL UNITRON 300 24/10C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor1024 AWG-
302006302006CBL UNITRON 300 20/6C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor620 AWG-
302004S302004SCBL UNITRON 300 S 20/4C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor420 AWG-
301602S301602SCBL UNITRON 300 S 16/2C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor216 AWG-
302210302210CBL UNITRON 300 22/10C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor1022 AWG-
21708422170842CABLE UNITRONIC 16/2C YE 1=100FTMulti-Conductor216 AWG-
301806301806CBL UNITRON 300 18/6C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor618 AWG-
302208S302208SCBL UNITRON 300 S 22/8C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor822 AWG-
301804S301804SCBL UNITRON 300 S 18/4C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor418 AWG-
301606S301606SCBL UNITRON 300 S 16/6C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor616 AWG-
302425302425CBL UNITRON 300 24/25C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor2524 AWG-
302450S302450SCBL UNITRON 24/50C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor5024 AWG19/36
302202302202CBL UNITRON 300 22/2C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor222 AWG-
302402S302402SCBL UNITRON 300 S 24/2C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor224 AWG-
302002S302002SCBL UNITRON 300 S 20/2C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor220 AWG-
302204S302204SCBL UNITRON 300 S 22/4C 1=100FT Multi-Conductor422 AWG-
21708432170843CABLE UNITRONIC 16/2C BK 1=100FTMulti-Conductor216 AWG-
21702042170204CABLE UNITRONIC 24/2PR 1=100FT Multi-Pair4 (2 Pair)24 AWG-
21702642170264CABLE UNITRONIC 22/2PR 1=100FT Multi-Pair4 (2 Pair)22 AWG-
21702092170209CABLE UNITRONIC 24/3PR 1=100FT Multi-Pair6 (3 Pair)24 AWG-
60026002CBL UNITRON 24/1+22/1PR 1=100FT Multi-Pair4 (2 Pair)22 AWG, 24 AWG-

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