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Littelfuse Inc.
UltraMOV™ 25S
Littelfuse Inc.
UltraMOV™ Series
Littelfuse Inc.
ZA Series

UltraMOV™ Series

High Surge Current, Radial Leaded, TVS Varistors

Littelfuse Inc.

The UltraMOV™ Series is designed for applications requiring high peak surge current ratings and high energy absorption capability.

Product Description

UltraMOV™ varistors are primarily intended for use in AC Line Voltage applications such as Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), AC Power Taps, AC Power Meters, or other products that require voltage clamping of high transient surge currents from sources such as lightning, inductive load switching, or capacitor bank switching.

  • Capacitance @ Frequency:55pF ~ 1900pF
  • Current - Surge:1.75kA ~ 10kA
  • Energy:15J ~ 400J
  • Frequency Coupled to Capacitance @ Frequency:1MHz
  • Maximum AC Volts:130V ~ 625V
  • Maximum DC Volts:170V ~ 825V
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Number of Circuits:1
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 85°C (TA)
  • Varistor Voltage (Max):225.5V ~ 1.1kV
  • Varistor Voltage (Min):184.5V ~ 900V
  • Varistor Voltage (Typ):205V ~ 1kV

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V14E130PV14E130PVARISTOR 205V 6KA DISC 14MM 130V170V184.5V205VDisc 14mm
V20E130PV20E130PVARISTOR 205V 10KA DISC 20MM 130V170V184.5V205VDisc 20mm
V10E130PV10E130PVARISTOR 205V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 130V170V184.5V205VDisc 10mm
V20E140PV20E140PVARISTOR 220V 10KA DISC 20MM 140V180V198V220VDisc 20mm
V10E140PV10E140PVARISTOR 220V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 140V180V198V220VDisc 10mm
V07E150PV07E150PVARISTOR 240V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 150V200V216V240VDisc 7mm
V10E150PV10E150PVARISTOR 240V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 150V200V216V240VDisc 10mm
V20E150PV20E150PVARISTOR 240V 10KA DISC 20MM 150V200V216V240VDisc 20mm
V14E150PV14E150PVARISTOR 240V 6KA DISC 14MM 150V200V216V240VDisc 14mm
V14E150PL1TV14E150PL1TVARISTOR 240V 6KA DISC 14MM 150V200V216V240VDisc 14mm
V20E175PV20E175PVARISTOR 270V 10KA DISC 20MM 175V225V243V270VDisc 20mm
V14E175PV14E175PVARISTOR 270V 6KA DISC 14MM 175V225V243V270VDisc 14mm
V07E175PV07E175PVARISTOR 270V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 175V225V243V270VDisc 7mm
V20E230PV20E230PVARISTOR 360V 10KA DISC 20MM 230V300V324V360VDisc 20mm
V10E230PV10E230PVARISTOR 360V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 230V300V324V360VDisc 10mm
V07E230PV07E230PVARISTOR 360V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 230V300V324V360VDisc 7mm
V14E230PV14E230PVARISTOR 360V 6KA DISC 14MM 230V300V324V360VDisc 14mm
V20E250PV20E250PVARISTOR 390V 10KA DISC 20MM 250V320V351V390VDisc 20mm
V20E250PL1TV20E250PL1TVARISTOR 390V 10KA DISC 20MM 250V320V351V390VDisc 20mm
V14E250PV14E250PVARISTOR 390V 6KA DISC 14MM 250V320V351V390VDisc 14mm
V07E250PL2TV07E250PL2TVARISTOR 390V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 250V320V351V390VDisc 7mm
V07E250PV07E250PVARISTOR 390V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 250V320V351V390VDisc 7mm
V10E250PV10E250PVARISTOR 390V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 250V320V351V390VDisc 10mm
V07E275PV07E275PVARISTOR 430V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 275V350V387V430VDisc 7mm
V20E275PV20E275PVARISTOR 430V 10KA DISC 20MM 275V350V387V430VDisc 20mm
V10E275PV10E275PVARISTOR 430V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 275V350V387V430VDisc 10mm
V14E275PV14E275PVARISTOR 430V 6KA DISC 14MM 275V350V387V430VDisc 14mm
V14E300PV14E300PVARISTOR 470V 6KA DISC 14MM 300V385V423V470VDisc 14mm
V20E300PV20E300PVARISTOR 470V 10KA DISC 20MM 300V385V423V470VDisc 20mm
V07E300PV07E300PVARISTOR 470V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 300V385V423V470VDisc 7mm
V10E300PV10E300PVARISTOR 470V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 300V385V423V470VDisc 10mm
V10E320PV10E320PVARISTOR 510V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 320V420V459V510VDisc 10mm
V14E320PV14E320PVARISTOR 510V 6KA DISC 14MM 320V420V459V510VDisc 14mm
V20E320PV20E320PVARISTOR 510V 10KA DISC 20MM 320V420V459V510VDisc 20mm
V14E320PL1TV14E320PL1TVARISTOR 510V 6KA DISC 14MM 320V420V459V510VDisc 14mm
V07E320PV07E320PVARISTOR 510V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 320V420V459V510VDisc 7mm
V14E385PV14E385PVARISTOR 620V 6KA DISC 14MM 385V505V558V620VDisc 14mm
V20E385PV20E385PVARISTOR 620V 10KA DISC 20MM 385V505V558V620VDisc 20mm
V14E420PV14E420PVARISTOR 680V 6KA DISC 14MM 420V560V612V680VDisc 14mm
V20E420PV20E420PVARISTOR 680V 10KA DISC 20MM 420V560V612V680VDisc 20mm
V07E420PV07E420PVARISTOR 680V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 420V560V612V680VDisc 7mm
V10E420PV10E420PVARISTOR 680V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 420V560V612V680VDisc 10mm
V20E440PV20E440PVARISTOR 715V 10KA DISC 20MM 440V585V643.5V715VDisc 20mm
V14E440PV14E440PVARISTOR 715V 6KA DISC 14MM 440V585V643.5V715VDisc 14mm
V20E460PV20E460PVARISTOR 750V 10KA DISC 20MM 460V615V675V750VDisc 20mm
V10E460PV10E460PVARISTOR 750V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 460V615V675V750VDisc 10mm
V14E460PV14E460PVARISTOR 750V 6KA DISC 14MM 460V615V675V750VDisc 14mm
V14E510PV14E510PVARISTOR 820V 6KA DISC 14MM 510V670V738V820VDisc 14mm
V20E510PV20E510PVARISTOR 820V 10KA DISC 20MM 510V670V738V820VDisc 20mm
V14E550PV14E550PVARISTOR 910V 6KA DISC 14MM 550V745V819V910VDisc 14mm
V20E550PV20E550PVARISTOR 910V 10KA DISC 20MM 550V745V819V910VDisc 20mm
V20E625PV20E625PVARISTOR 1KV 10KA DISC 20MM 625V825V900V1kVDisc 20mm
V14E625PV14E625PVARISTOR 1KV 6KA DISC 14MM 625V825V900V1kVDisc 14mm
V10E625PV10E625PVARISTOR 1KV 3.5KA DISC 10MM 625V825V900V1kVDisc 10mm

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