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Ribbon Cable
Ultra Flexible Micro IDC Ribbon Cable
CNC Tech
Flat Ribbon Cable
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Ultra Flexible Micro IDC Ribbon Cable

0.025" (0.64mm) Pitch, 30 AWG, Unshielded, Flat Ribbon Cables


.025˝ Micro IDC Cable is excellent for tight spacing applications that require dependable signal density. The Ultra Flexible cable performs exceptionally well in harsh environments, including high/low temperatures, and under exposure to moisture and most chemicals.

  • Aerospace
  • Robotics
  • Medical
  • Semiconductor
  • Surgical systems
  • Printer head
  • Satellites
  • Board to board
  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Cable Type:Flat Cable
  • Color:Clear, Ribbon
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Bare
  • Connector Type:Socket to Socket
  • Current Rating (Amps):200mA
  • Jacket Color:Clear
  • Number of Conductors:10 ~ 34
  • Number of Positions:10 ~ 34
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Operating Temperature:-65°C ~ 260°C
  • Pitch:0.025" (0.64mm)
  • Pitch - Cable:0.025" (0.64mm)
  • Pitch - Connector:0.025" (0.64mm)
  • Ribbon Thickness:0.026" (0.66mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded
  • Voltage:300V
  • Wire Gauge:30 AWG

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482W101-10-250482W101-10-250IDC RIBBON CABLE ULTRA FLEX 10C ----
482W101-14-250482W101-14-250IDC RIBBON CABLE ULTRA FLEX 14C ----
482W101-20-250482W101-20-250IDC RIBBON CABLE ULTRA FLEX 20C ----
482W101-30-250482W101-30-250IDC RIBBON CABLE ULTRA FLEX 30C ----
482W101-16-250482W101-16-250IDC RIBBON CABLE ULTRA FLEX 16C ----
482W101-26-250482W101-26-250IDC RIBBON CABLE ULTRA FLEX 26C ----
482W101-28-250482W101-28-250IDC RIBBON CABLE ULTRA FLEX 28C ----
482W101-34-250482W101-34-250IDC RIBBON CABLE ULTRA FLEX 34C ----
482W101-16-CA-006482W101-16-CA-006IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 6' 16CSocket to Socket1610.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-30-CA-003482W101-30-CA-003IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 3' 30CSocket to Socket3010.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-20-CA-006482W101-20-CA-006IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 6' 20CSocket to Socket2010.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-26-CA-006482W101-26-CA-006IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 6' 26CSocket to Socket2610.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-30-CA-006482W101-30-CA-006IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 6' 30CSocket to Socket3010.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-14-CA-012482W101-14-CA-012IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSMBLY 12' 14CSocket to Socket1410.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-10-CA-003482W101-10-CA-003IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 3' 10CSocket to Socket1010.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-14-CA-003482W101-14-CA-003IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 3' 14CSocket to Socket1410.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-16-CA-003482W101-16-CA-003IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 3' 16CSocket to Socket1610.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-20-CA-003482W101-20-CA-003IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 3' 20CSocket to Socket2010.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-26-CA-003482W101-26-CA-003IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 3' 26CSocket to Socket2610.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-10-CA-006482W101-10-CA-006IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 6' 10CSocket to Socket1010.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-14-CA-006482W101-14-CA-006IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 6' 14CSocket to Socket1410.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-34-CA-003482W101-34-CA-003IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 3' 34CSocket to Socket3410.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-10-CA-012482W101-10-CA-012IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSMBLY 12' 10CSocket to Socket1010.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-34-CA-006482W101-34-CA-006IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSEMBLY 6' 34CSocket to Socket3410.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-16-CA-012482W101-16-CA-012IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSMBLY 12' 16CSocket to Socket1610.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-20-CA-012482W101-20-CA-012IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSMBLY 12' 20CSocket to Socket2010.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-26-CA-012482W101-26-CA-012IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSMBLY 12' 26CSocket to Socket2610.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-34-CA-012482W101-34-CA-012IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSMBLY 12' 34CSocket to Socket3410.025" (0.64mm)
482W101-30-CA-012482W101-30-CA-012IDC RIBBON CABLE ASSMBLY 12' 30CSocket to Socket3010.025" (0.64mm)

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