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Super Sabre Series
Ultra-Fit Series
Phoenix Contact
Single Ended Socket Cable Assemblies

Ultra-Fit Series

Ultra-Fit Female-to-Pigtail Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Cable Assembly, 3.50mm Pitch


  • Cable Termination:Crimp
  • Color:Black, Individual
  • Connector Type:Socket to Cable
  • Contact Finish:Tin
  • Contact Finish Thickness:60.0µin (1.52µm)
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 8
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Pitch - Connector:0.138" (3.50mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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21746610632174661063ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 6CKT 600MM DISCSocket to Cable610.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610612174661061ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 6CKT 150MM DISCSocket to Cable610.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610512174661051ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 5CKT 150MM DISCSocket to Cable510.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610232174661023ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 2CKT 600MM DISCSocket to Cable210.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610212174661021ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 2CKT 150MM DISCSocket to Cable210.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610312174661031ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 3CKT 150MM DISCSocket to Cable310.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610812174661081ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 8CKT 150MM DISCSocket to Cable810.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610822174661082ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 8CKT 300MM DISCSocket to Cable810.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610432174661043ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 4CKT 600MM DISCSocket to Cable410.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610332174661033ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 3CKT 600MM DISCSocket to Cable310.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610522174661052ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 5CKT 300MM DISCSocket to Cable510.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610622174661062ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 6CKT 300MM DISCSocket to Cable610.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610412174661041ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 4CKT 150MM DISCSocket to Cable410.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610532174661053ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 5CKT 600MM DISCSocket to Cable510.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610222174661022ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 2CKT 300MM DISCSocket to Cable210.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610832174661083ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 8CKT 600MM DISCSocket to Cable810.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610422174661042ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 4CKT 300MM DISCSocket to Cable410.138" (3.50mm)RoHS
21746610322174661032ULTRA-FIT SR R-S 3CKT 300MM DISCSocket to Cable310.138" (3.50mm)RoHS

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