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AVX Corporation
TurboCap™ Series
AVX Corporation
U Series
AVX Corporation
UQ Series

U Series

Ultra Low ESR, Surface Mount, Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

AVX Corporation

The U Series are specially designed for ultra low ESR for applications in the communications market. Max ESR and effective capacitance are met on each value producing lot to lot uniformity.

  • Capacitance:.2pF ~ 1000pF
  • Features:Ultra Low ESR
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, MLCC
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Temperature Coefficient:C0G, NP0
  • Voltage - Rated:25V ~ 200V

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04025U0R2BAT2A04025U0R2BAT2ACAP CER 0.2PF 50V NP0 0402 .2pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04023U0R2BAT2A04023U0R2BAT2ACAP CER 0.2PF 25V NP0 0402 .2pF±0.1pF25VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U0R4BAT2A04025U0R4BAT2ACAP CER 0.4PF 50V NP0 0402 .4pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U0R5BAT2A04025U0R5BAT2ACAP CER 0.5PF 50V NP0 0402 .5pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U0R6BAT2A04025U0R6BAT2ACAP CER 0.6PF 50V NP0 0402 .6pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U0R7BAT2A04025U0R7BAT2ACAP CER 0.7PF 50V NP0 0402 .7pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U0R8BAT2A04025U0R8BAT2ACAP CER 0.8PF 50V C0G/NP0 0402 .8pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06035U1R0BAT2A06035U1R0BAT2ACAP CER 1PF 50V NP0 0603 1pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U1R0BAT2A04025U1R0BAT2ACAP CER 1PF 50V C0G/NP0 0402 1pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U1R0CAT2A08052U1R0CAT2ACAP CER 1PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 1pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06032U1R0CAT2A06032U1R0CAT2ACAP CER 1PF 200V C0G/NP0 0603 1pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U1R0BAT2A06032U1R0BAT2ACAP CER 1PF 200V NP0 0603 1pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U1R0BAT2A08052U1R0BAT2ACAP CER 1PF 200V NP0 0805 1pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U1R1BAT2A04025U1R1BAT2ACAP CER 1.1PF 50V NP0 0402 1.1pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U1R2BAT2A04025U1R2BAT2ACAP CER 1.2PF 50V NP0 0402 1.2pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U1R2BAT2A06032U1R2BAT2ACAP CER 1.2PF 200V NP0 0603 1.2pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U1R2CAT2A06031U1R2CAT2ACAP CER 1.2PF 100V NP0 0603 1.2pF±0.25pF100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U1R3BAT2A06032U1R3BAT2ACAP CER 1.3PF 200V NP0 0603 1.3pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U1R5BAT2A06032U1R5BAT2ACAP CER 1.5PF 200V NP0 0603 1.5pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U1R5CAT2A08052U1R5CAT2ACAP CER 1.5PF 200V NP0 0805 1.5pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U1R5BAT2A04025U1R5BAT2ACAP CER 1.5PF 50V C0G/NP0 0402 1.5pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06035U1R5BAT2A06035U1R5BAT2ACAP CER 1.5PF 50V NP0 0603 1.5pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U1R6BAT2A06032U1R6BAT2ACAP CER 1.6PF 200V C0G/NP0 0603 1.6pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U1R8BAT2A04025U1R8BAT2ACAP CER 1.8PF 50V NP0 0402 1.8pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U1R8BAT2A06032U1R8BAT2ACAP CER 1.8PF 200V NP0 0603 1.8pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U2R0BAT2A04025U2R0BAT2ACAP CER 2PF 50V C0G/NP0 0402 2pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U2R0BAT2A06032U2R0BAT2ACAP CER 2PF 200V C0G/NP0 0603 2pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08051U2R0BAT2A08051U2R0BAT2ACAP CER 2PF 100V C0G/NP0 0805 2pF±0.1pF100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U2R0BAT2A08052U2R0BAT2ACAP CER 2PF 200V NP0 0805 2pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U2R2BAT2A04025U2R2BAT2ACAP CER 2.2PF 50V NP0 0402 2.2pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U2R2BAT2A06032U2R2BAT2ACAP CER 2.2PF 200V NP0 0603 2.2pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U2R2CAT2A08052U2R2CAT2ACAP CER 2.2PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 2.2pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U2R2BAT2A08052U2R2BAT2ACAP CER 2.2PF 200V NP0 0805 2.2pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06032U2R2CAT2A06032U2R2CAT2ACAP CER 2.2PF 200V C0G/NP0 0603 2.2pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U2R4BAT2A04025U2R4BAT2ACAP CER 2.4PF 50V NP0 0402 2.4pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U2R4CAT2A06032U2R4CAT2ACAP CER 2.4PF 200V NP0 0603 2.4pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U2R4BAT2A06032U2R4BAT2ACAP CER 2.4PF 200V NP0 0603 2.4pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U2R4BAT2A08052U2R4BAT2ACAP CER 2.4PF 200V NP0 0805 2.4pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06032U2R7BAT2A06032U2R7BAT2ACAP CER 2.7PF 200V C0G/NP0 0603 2.7pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U2R7BAT2A04025U2R7BAT2ACAP CER 2.7PF 50V NP0 0402 2.7pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U2R7BAT2A08052U2R7BAT2ACAP CER 2.7PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 2.7pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06032U3R0BAT2A06032U3R0BAT2ACAP CER 3PF 200V NP0 0603 3pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U3R0CAT2A08052U3R0CAT2ACAP CER 3PF 200V NP0 0805 3pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U3R0BAT2A06035U3R0BAT2ACAP CER 3PF 50V NP0 0603 3pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U3R0BAT2A04025U3R0BAT2ACAP CER 3PF 50V NP0 0402 3pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U3R3BAT2A04025U3R3BAT2ACAP CER 3.3PF 50V C0G/NP0 0402 3.3pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U3R3DAT2A08052U3R3DAT2ACAP CER 3.3PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 3.3pF±0.5pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06032U3R3BAT2A06032U3R3BAT2ACAP CER 3.3PF 200V NP0 0603 3.3pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U3R3BAT2A08052U3R3BAT2ACAP CER 3.3PF 200V NP0 0805 3.3pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04023U3R3BAT2A04023U3R3BAT2ACAP CER 3.3PF 25V NP0 0402 3.3pF±0.1pF25VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06035U3R3CAT2A06035U3R3CAT2ACAP CER 3.3PF 50V NP0 0603 3.3pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U3R6BAT2A04025U3R6BAT2ACAP CER 3.6PF 50V NP0 0402 3.6pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U3R9BAT2A06032U3R9BAT2ACAP CER 3.9PF 200V NP0 0603 3.9pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U3R9BAT2A04025U3R9BAT2ACAP CER 3.9PF 50V NP0 0402 3.9pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U3R9BAT2A08052U3R9BAT2ACAP CER 3.9PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 3.9pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U3R9CAT2A04025U3R9CAT2ACAP CER 3.9PF 50V NP0 0402 3.9pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U3R9CAT2A08052U3R9CAT2ACAP CER 3.9PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 3.9pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04023U3R9BAT2A04023U3R9BAT2ACAP CER 3.9PF 25V NP0 0402 3.9pF±0.1pF25VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U4R3BAT2A04025U4R3BAT2ACAP CER 4.3PF 50V NP0 0402 4.3pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U4R3BAT2A06032U4R3BAT2ACAP CER 4.3PF 200V NP0 0603 4.3pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U4R7BAT2A04025U4R7BAT2ACAP CER 4.7PF 50V NP0 0402 4.7pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U4R7BAT2A06032U4R7BAT2ACAP CER 4.7PF 200V NP0 0603 4.7pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U4R7CAT2A06032U4R7CAT2ACAP CER 4.7PF 200V NP0 0603 4.7pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U4R7BAT2A08052U4R7BAT2ACAP CER 4.7PF 200V NP0 0805 4.7pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U4R7CAT2A06035U4R7CAT2ACAP CER 4.7PF 50V NP0 0603 4.7pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U4R7CAT2A08052U4R7CAT2ACAP CER 4.7PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 4.7pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U4R7BAT2A06035U4R7BAT2ACAP CER 4.7PF 50V NP0 0603 4.7pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U5R0BAT2A04025U5R0BAT2ACAP CER 5PF 50V NP0 0402 5pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U5R1BAT2A04025U5R1BAT2ACAP CER 5.1PF 50V NP0 0402 5.1pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U5R1CAT2A04025U5R1CAT2ACAP CER 5.1PF 50V NP0 0402 5.1pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U5R1CAT2A08052U5R1CAT2ACAP CER 5.1PF 200V NP0 0805 5.1pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U5R6CAT2A04025U5R6CAT2ACAP CER 5.6PF 50V NP0 0402 5.6pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U5R6CAT2A08052U5R6CAT2ACAP CER 5.6PF 200V NP0 0805 5.6pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06032U5R6BAT2A06032U5R6BAT2ACAP CER 5.6PF 200V NP0 0603 5.6pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U5R6BAT2A04025U5R6BAT2ACAP CER 5.6PF 50V NP0 0402 5.6pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U6R2BAT2A04025U6R2BAT2ACAP CER 6.2PF 50V NP0 0402 6.2pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U6R2BAT2A06032U6R2BAT2ACAP CER 6.2PF 200V NP0 0603 6.2pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U6R8BAT2A04025U6R8BAT2ACAP CER 6.8PF 50V NP0 0402 6.8pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U6R8BAT2A06032U6R8BAT2ACAP CER 6.8PF 200V NP0 0603 6.8pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U6R8CAT2A04025U6R8CAT2ACAP CER 6.8PF 50V NP0 0402 6.8pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U6R8CAT2A06032U6R8CAT2ACAP CER 6.8PF 200V NP0 0603 6.8pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U6R8CAT2A08052U6R8CAT2ACAP CER 6.8PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 6.8pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U6R8BAT2A06035U6R8BAT2ACAP CER 6.8PF 50V NP0 0603 6.8pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U7R5CAT2A08052U7R5CAT2ACAP CER 7.5PF 200V NP0 0805 7.5pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U7R5BAT2A04025U7R5BAT2ACAP CER 7.5PF 50V NP0 0402 7.5pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U7R5CAT2A06032U7R5CAT2ACAP CER 7.5PF 200V C0G/NP0 0603 7.5pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U7R5BAT2A06032U7R5BAT2ACAP CER 7.5PF 200V NP0 0603 7.5pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U8R0BAT2A06035U8R0BAT2ACAP CER 8PF 50V NP0 0603 8pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U8R2BAT2A04025U8R2BAT2ACAP CER 8.2PF 50V NP0 0402 8.2pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U8R2BAT2A06032U8R2BAT2ACAP CER 8.2PF 200V NP0 0603 8.2pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U8R2CAT2A08052U8R2CAT2ACAP CER 8.2PF 200V NP0 0805 8.2pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U8R2CAT2A04025U8R2CAT2ACAP CER 8.2PF 50V NP0 0402 8.2pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U8R2CAT2A06032U8R2CAT2ACAP CER 8.2PF 200V C0G/NP0 0603 8.2pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U8R2BAT2A06035U8R2BAT2ACAP CER 8.2PF 50V NP0 0603 8.2pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U9R1BAT2A04025U9R1BAT2ACAP CER 9.1PF 50V NP0 0402 9.1pF±0.1pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U9R1BAT2A06032U9R1BAT2ACAP CER 9.1PF 200V NP0 0603 9.1pF±0.1pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U9R1CAT2A08052U9R1CAT2ACAP CER 9.1PF 200V NP0 0805 9.1pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06032U9R1CAT2A06032U9R1CAT2ACAP CER 9.1PF 200V NP0 0603 9.1pF±0.25pF200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U100FAT2A04025U100FAT2ACAP CER 10PF 50V C0G/NP0 0402 10pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U100JAT2A04025U100JAT2ACAP CER 10PF 50V C0G/NP0 0402 10pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U100GAT2A04025U100GAT2ACAP CER 10PF 50V NP0 0402 10pF±2%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U100FAT2A08052U100FAT2ACAP CER 10PF 200V NP0 0805 10pF±1%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06032U100JAT2A06032U100JAT2ACAP CER 10PF 200V C0G/NP0 0603 10pF±5%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U100FAT2A06032U100FAT2ACAP CER 10PF 200V NP0 0603 10pF±1%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U100GAT2A08052U100GAT2ACAP CER 10PF 200V NP0 0805 10pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U100F4T2A04025U100F4T2ACAP CER 10PF 50V C0G/NP0 0402 10pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06035U100GAT2A06035U100GAT2ACAP CER 10PF 50V NP0 0603 10pF±2%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U100GAT2A06032U100GAT2ACAP CER 10PF 200V NP0 0603 10pF±2%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U100FAT2A06035U100FAT2ACAP CER 10PF 50V NP0 0603 10pF±1%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
12102U100JAT2A12102U100JAT2ACAP CER 10PF 200V NP0 1210 10pF±5%200VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
04025U100CAT2A04025U100CAT2ACAP CER 10PF 50V C0G/NP0 0402 10pF±0.25pF50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U110FAT2A04025U110FAT2ACAP CER 11PF 50V NP0 0402 11pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U120GAT2A04025U120GAT2ACAP CER 12PF 50V NP0 0402 12pF±2%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U120GAT2A06032U120GAT2ACAP CER 12PF 200V NP0 0603 12pF±2%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U120FAT2A06032U120FAT2ACAP CER 12PF 200V NP0 0603 12pF±1%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U120GAT2A08052U120GAT2ACAP CER 12PF 200V NP0 0805 12pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U120JAT2A04025U120JAT2ACAP CER 12PF 50V NP0 0402 12pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U120FAT2A04025U120FAT2ACAP CER 12PF 50V NP0 0402 12pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04023U120JAT2A04023U120JAT2ACAP CER 12PF 25V NP0 0402 12pF±5%25VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08051U120JAT2A08051U120JAT2ACAP CER 12PF 100V C0G/NP0 0805 12pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U130FAT2A04025U130FAT2ACAP CER 13PF 50V NP0 0402 13pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U140FAT2A04025U140FAT2ACAP CER 14PF 50V NP0 0402 14pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U140GAT2A04025U140GAT2ACAP CER 14PF 50V NP0 0402 14pF±2%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U150JAT2A06032U150JAT2ACAP CER 15PF 200V NP0 0603 15pF±5%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U150GAT2A06035U150GAT2ACAP CER 15PF 50V NP0 0603 15pF±2%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U150FAT2A04025U150FAT2ACAP CER 15PF 50V NP0 0402 15pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U150JAT2A04025U150JAT2ACAP CER 15PF 50V NP0 0402 15pF±5%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U150GAT2A04025U150GAT2ACAP CER 15PF 50V NP0 0402 15pF±2%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U150GAT2A06032U150GAT2ACAP CER 15PF 200V NP0 0603 15pF±2%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U150FAT2A06032U150FAT2ACAP CER 15PF 200V NP0 0603 15pF±1%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U150GAT2A08052U150GAT2ACAP CER 15PF 200V NP0 0805 15pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04023U150JAT2A04023U150JAT2ACAP CER 15PF 25V NP0 0402 15pF±5%25VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06035U150JAT2A06035U150JAT2ACAP CER 15PF 50V NP0 0603 15pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U150FAT2A06035U150FAT2ACAP CER 15PF 50V C0G/NP0 0603 15pF±1%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08051U150FAT2A08051U150FAT2ACAP CER 15PF 100V NP0 0805 15pF±1%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U160FAT2A04025U160FAT2ACAP CER 16PF 50V NP0 0402 16pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08051U160JAT2A08051U160JAT2ACAP CER 16PF 100V NP0 0805 16pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U180FAT2A04025U180FAT2ACAP CER 18PF 50V NP0 0402 18pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06032U180GAT2A06032U180GAT2ACAP CER 18PF 200V NP0 0603 18pF±2%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06032U180FAT2A06032U180FAT2ACAP CER 18PF 200V NP0 0603 18pF±1%200VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U180JAT2A06035U180JAT2ACAP CER 18PF 50V NP0 0603 18pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U180GAT2A06035U180GAT2ACAP CER 18PF 50V NP0 0603 18pF±2%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U180GAT2A08052U180GAT2ACAP CER 18PF 200V NP0 0805 18pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04023U200JAT2A04023U200JAT2ACAP CER 20PF 25V NP0 0402 20pF±5%25VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U200FAT2A08052U200FAT2ACAP CER 20PF 200V NP0 0805 20pF±1%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U200FAT2A04025U200FAT2ACAP CER 20PF 50V NP0 0402 20pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06031U220FAT2A06031U220FAT2ACAP CER 22PF 100V NP0 0603 22pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U220JAT2A08052U220JAT2ACAP CER 22PF 200V NP0 0805 22pF±5%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U220JAT2A06031U220JAT2ACAP CER 22PF 100V NP0 0603 22pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U220FAT2A08052U220FAT2ACAP CER 22PF 200V NP0 0805 22pF±1%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U220GAT2A08052U220GAT2ACAP CER 22PF 200V NP0 0805 22pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U220JAT2A06035U220JAT2ACAP CER 22PF 50V NP0 0603 22pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U220GAT2A06031U220GAT2ACAP CER 22PF 100V C0G/NP0 0603 22pF±2%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U220GAT2A04025U220GAT2ACAP CER 22PF 50V NP0 0402 22pF±2%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U220FAT2A04025U220FAT2ACAP CER 22PF 50V NP0 0402 22pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
04025U240FAT2A04025U240FAT2ACAP CER 24PF 50V NP0 0402 24pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
06031U240FAT2A06031U240FAT2ACAP CER 24PF 100V NP0 0603 24pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U240GAT2A06035U240GAT2ACAP CER 24PF 50V NP0 0603 24pF±2%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U270GAT2A04025U270GAT2ACAP CER 27PF 50V NP0 0402 27pF±2%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U270JAT2A08052U270JAT2ACAP CER 27PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 27pF±5%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U270GAT2A06031U270GAT2ACAP CER 27PF 100V NP0 0603 27pF±2%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U270FAT2A06035U270FAT2ACAP CER 27PF 50V NP0 0603 27pF±1%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
04025U270FAT2A04025U270FAT2ACAP CER 27PF 50V NP0 0402 27pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08052U270GAT2A08052U270GAT2ACAP CER 27PF 200V NP0 0805 27pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U270JAT2A06031U270JAT2ACAP CER 27PF 100V C0G/NP0 0603 27pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U270FAT2A08052U270FAT2ACAP CER 27PF 200V NP0 0805 27pF±1%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
04025U300FAT2A04025U300FAT2ACAP CER 30PF 50V NP0 0402 30pF±1%50VC0G, NP00402 (1005 Metric)RoHS
08051U300FAT2A08051U300FAT2ACAP CER 30PF 100V NP0 0805 30pF±1%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U300FAT2A08052U300FAT2ACAP CER 30PF 200V NP0 0805 30pF±1%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U330GAT2A06035U330GAT2ACAP CER 33PF 50V C0G/NP0 0603 33pF±2%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08051U330JAT2A08051U330JAT2ACAP CER 33PF 100V NP0 0805 33pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U330JAT2A08052U330JAT2ACAP CER 33PF 200V NP0 0805 33pF±5%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U330FAT2A06031U330FAT2ACAP CER 33PF 100V NP0 0603 33pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U360FAT2A08052U360FAT2ACAP CER 36PF 200V NP0 0805 36pF±1%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08051U360FAT2A08051U360FAT2ACAP CER 36PF 100V NP0 0805 36pF±1%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U390FAT2A06031U390FAT2ACAP CER 39PF 100V NP0 0603 39pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U390GAT2A06031U390GAT2ACAP CER 39PF 100V NP0 0603 39pF±2%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U390GAT2A08052U390GAT2ACAP CER 39PF 200V NP0 0805 39pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U390FAT2A08052U390FAT2ACAP CER 39PF 200V NP0 0805 39pF±1%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U430FAT2A06031U430FAT2ACAP CER 43PF 100V NP0 0603 43pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U470FAT2A06031U470FAT2ACAP CER 47PF 100V NP0 0603 47pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U470FAT2A08052U470FAT2ACAP CER 47PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 47pF±1%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U470JAT2A06031U470JAT2ACAP CER 47PF 100V NP0 0603 47pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U470JAT2A08052U470JAT2ACAP CER 47PF 200V NP0 0805 47pF±5%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U470GAT2A08052U470GAT2ACAP CER 47PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 47pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U470JAT2A06035U470JAT2ACAP CER 47PF 50V C0G/NP0 0603 47pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U470GAT2A06035U470GAT2ACAP CER 47PF 50V NP0 0603 47pF±2%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U470FAT2A06035U470FAT2ACAP CER 47PF 50V NP0 0603 47pF±1%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U470GAT2A06031U470GAT2ACAP CER 47PF 100V NP0 0603 47pF±2%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U510FAT2A06031U510FAT2ACAP CER 51PF 100V NP0 0603 51pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U560FAT2A06031U560FAT2ACAP CER 56PF 100V NP0 0603 56pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U560GAT2A06031U560GAT2ACAP CER 56PF 100V NP0 0603 56pF±2%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U560GAT2A08052U560GAT2ACAP CER 56PF 200V NP0 0805 56pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U620FAT2A06031U620FAT2ACAP CER 62PF 100V NP0 0603 62pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U680FAT2A06031U680FAT2ACAP CER 68PF 100V NP0 0603 68pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U680JAT2A08052U680JAT2ACAP CER 68PF 200V NP0 0805 68pF±5%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U680GAT2A08052U680GAT2ACAP CER 68PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 68pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U750FAT2A06031U750FAT2ACAP CER 75PF 100V NP0 0603 75pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U820FAT2A06031U820FAT2ACAP CER 82PF 100V NP0 0603 82pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U820JAT2A08052U820JAT2ACAP CER 82PF 200V NP0 0805 82pF±5%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U820GAT2A08052U820GAT2ACAP CER 82PF 200V NP0 0805 82pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08051U820JAT2A08051U820JAT2ACAP CER 82PF 100V NP0 0805 82pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U820FAT2A08052U820FAT2ACAP CER 82PF 200V C0G/NP0 0805 82pF±1%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06031U910FAT2A06031U910FAT2ACAP CER 91PF 100V NP0 0603 91pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U910FAT2A06035U910FAT2ACAP CER 91PF 50V NP0 0603 91pF±1%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06035U101KAT2A06035U101KAT2ACAP CER 100PF 50V NP0 0603 100pF±10%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U101JAT2A06031U101JAT2ACAP CER 100PF 100V NP0 0603 100pF±5%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U101GAT2A06031U101GAT2ACAP CER 100PF 100V NP0 0603 100pF±2%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08051U101FAT2A08051U101FAT2ACAP CER 100PF 100V NP0 0805 100pF±1%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08052U101JAT2A08052U101JAT2ACAP CER 100PF 200V NP0 0805 100pF±5%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08051U101JAT2A08051U101JAT2ACAP CER 100PF 100V C0G/NP0 0805 100pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08055U101JAT2A08055U101JAT2ACAP CER 100PF 50V C0G/NP0 0805 100pF±5%50VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U101GAT2A06035U101GAT2ACAP CER 100PF 50V NP0 0603 100pF±2%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08055U101FAT2A08055U101FAT2ACAP CER 100PF 50V C0G/NP0 0805 100pF±1%50VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U101JAT2A06035U101JAT2ACAP CER 100PF 50V NP0 0603 100pF±5%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
06031U101FAT2A06031U101FAT2ACAP CER 100PF 100V NP0 0603 100pF±1%100VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U101GAT2A08052U101GAT2ACAP CER 100PF 200V NP0 0805 100pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
06035U121FAT2A06035U121FAT2ACAP CER 120PF 50V NP0 0603 120pF±1%50VC0G, NP00603 (1608 Metric)RoHS
08052U121GAT2A08052U121GAT2ACAP CER 120PF 200V NP0 0805 120pF±2%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
12102U121GAT2A12102U121GAT2ACAP CER 120PF 200V NP0 1210 120pF±2%200VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
08052U131JAT2A08052U131JAT2ACAP CER 130PF 200V NP0 0805 130pF±5%200VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08051U151JAT2A08051U151JAT2ACAP CER 150PF 100V NP0 0805 150pF±5%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
08051U161FAT2A08051U161FAT2ACAP CER 160PF 100V NP0 0805 160pF±1%100VC0G, NP00805 (2012 Metric)RoHS
12105U511FAT2A12105U511FAT2ACAP CER 510PF 50V NP0 1210 510pF±1%50VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
12101U102JAT2A12101U102JAT2ACAP CER 1000PF 100V NP0 1210 1000pF±5%100VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS
12101U102KAT2A12101U102KAT2ACAP CER 1000PF 100V NP0 1210 1000pF±10%100VC0G, NP01210 (3225 Metric)RoHS

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