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Pre-Cut and Pre-Stripped Wire Wrapping Wires
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TSW Series
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WD-30 Single Color Series

TSW Series

Tefzel® Wire Wrapping Wire

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Tefzel®, also referred to as EFTEE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer), is a thin but resilient insulation material designed for aerospace applications. It is ideal for use as appliance, panel, or wrapping wire and can also be used in the installation of aviation electronics equipment. Tefzel®’s excellent material toughness, electrical properties, and resistance to heat flames, chemicals, and radiation make this the perfect wire where high durability is required.

  • Can withstand up to 150°C while maintaining its flexibility and resistance to abrasion
  • Tefzel insulation resists cleaning fluids, fuels, and other high pH chemicals
  • Perfect for use in aerospace, electronics, or high energy radiation applications
  • Conductor Diameter:0.010" (0.25mm)
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Bare
  • Conductor Plating:Silver
  • Jacket (Insulation) Diameter:0.022" (0.55mm)
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)
  • Jacket (Insulation) Thickness:0.005" (0.13mm)
  • Length:100' (30.5m)
  • Operating Temperature:150°C
  • Wire Gauge:30 AWG