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Texas Instruments
TPL5110 Evaluation Module
Texas Instruments
TPL5111 Evaluation Module
Texas Instruments
TPS3430 Evaluation Module
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TPL5111 Evaluation Module

TPL5111EVM Evaluation Module using the TPL5111 Nano-Power System Timer for Power Gating

Texas Instruments

The TPL5111EVM evaluation module enables the user to evaluate the TPL5111 performance and functionality. The EVM can operate in standalone mode, or connected to uC system for prototyping and evaluation, or to an MSP430 Launchpad for prototyping and evaluation. The timer interval can be configured by changing on-board resistors and can be observed via a test point. On-board switches support control and evaluation of other devices functions. The EVM has an on board battery holder (coin battery) to supply the TPL5111 and the microcontroller if connected. The board can also be powered by an external power supply. The TPL5111's current consumption can be easily measured using and on-board test point.

  • Accessible signals for easy interface to uC systems for evaluation and prototyping
  • Easily configurable timer interval, using on-board resistors
  • Easy measurement of TPL5111 current consumption
  • Battery powered (optional)
  • TPL5111EVM
  • Battery NOT included
  • Function:Timer
  • Secondary Attributes:On-Board LEDs
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Timing
  • Utilized IC / Part:TPL5111, TPS61029
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