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TPI Oscilloscope Probes

Oscilloscope/Differential Probes


TPI offers a wide range of high quality oscilloscope probes designed to meet the most demanding applications.

Product Description

The IP series monolithic probes have switchable attenuation and are ideal for technicians that need a basic oscilloscope probe.

The slimline design P and SP series probes are available in fixed or switchable attenuation. These series of probes are perfect for the technician needing additional features such as replaceable cable and interchangeable probe tip. The compensation adjustment for these probes is located in the BNC to eliminate noise pickup.

TPI also offers a high voltage differential probe (ADF25) with high common mode rejection, wide bandwidth, and fast rise times. Differential probes enable the viewing of signals not referenced to earth ground and provide better performance than a matched pair of single ended oscilloscope probes when measuring these types of signals.

  • Bandwidth:15MHz ~ 300MHz

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    ADF25ADF25OSCOPE PRB X20/X200 25MHZ 4M/8M Differential20:1, 200:125MHz4M, 8MRoHS
    ADF25AADF25AOSCOPE PRB X10/X100 25MHZ 4M/8M Differential10:1, 100:125MHz4M, 8MRoHS
    SP100BSP100BOSCOPE PRB X1/X10 100MHZ 1M/10M Passive1:1, 10:1100MHz1M, 10MRoHS
    P250P250OSCOPE PROBE X100 250MHZ 100M Passive100:1250MHz100MRoHS
    1P20B1P20BOSCOPE PROBE X1 15MHZ 1M Passive1:115MHz1MRoHS
    P200BP200BOSCOPE PROBE X10 200MHZ 10M Passive10:1200MHz10MRoHS
    SP200BSP200BOSCOPE PRB X1/X10 200MHZ 1M/10M Passive1:1, 10:1200MHz1M, 10MRoHS
    SP250B2SP250B2OSCOPE PRB X1/X10 250MHZ 1M/10M Passive1:1, 10:1250MHz1M, 10MRoHS
    SP300BSP300BOSCOPE PRB X1/X10 300MHZ 1M/10M Passive1:1, 10:1300MHz1M, 10MRoHS
    P100BP100BOSCOPE PROBE X10 100MHZ 10M Passive10:1100MHz10MRoHS
    SP60BSP60BOSCOPE PROBE X1/X10 60MHZ 1M/10MPassive1:1, 10:160MHz1M, 10MRoHS
    SP250BSP250BOSCOPE PRB X1/X10 250MHZ 1M/10M Passive1:1, 10:1250MHz1M, 10MRoHS
    P250BP250BOSCOPE PROBE X10 250MHZ 10M Passive10:1250MHz10MRoHS
    SP150BSP150BOSCOPE PRB X1/X10 150MHZ 1M/10M Passive1:1, 10:1150MHz1M, 10MRoHS
    IP250IP250OSCOPE PRB X1/X10 250MHZ 1M/10M Passive1:1, 10:1250MHz1M, 10MRoHS
    P250RP250ROSCOPE PROBE X100 250MHZ 100M Passive with Readout100:1250MHz100MRoHS
    P250BRP250BROSCOPE PROBE X10 250MHZ 10M Passive with Readout10:1250MHz10MRoHS
    P100BRP100BROSCOPE PROBE X10 100MHZ 10M Passive with Readout10:1100MHz10MRoHS

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