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Texas Instruments
TPA6021A4 Evaluation Board
Texas Instruments
TPA6030A4 Evaluation Board
Texas Instruments
TPA6040A4 Evaluation Board
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TPA6030A4 Evaluation Board

TPA6030A4EVM Audio Power Amplifier Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments

The TPA6030A4 stereo 3 W audio power amplifier evaluation module is designed to demonstrate all of the different features and benefits of the TPA6030A4 amplifier.

Product Description

The TPA6030A4 is a 3 W stereo audio power amplifier designed for 12V applications with a 16-Ohm minimum speaker impedance. Features including DC volume control and integrated stereo headphone drive make this device ideal for 15" to 17" audio enhanced flat panel displays.

Designers can quickly evaluated the sound quality and verify specifications in their application with the TPA6030A4EVM. In addition, the TPA6030A4EVM User's Guide contains the schematic, layout and bill of materials that can be used as a reference design.

  • Fully differential operation and internal depop circuitry to minimize transients in outputs
  • 3 W per channel output power into 16 Ω, BTL, at VCC = 12 V
  • Low 1µA current consumption in shutdown mode
  • Internal input mux selects among two sets of stereo inputs
  • Stereo, bridge-tied load) or single-ended operation
  • DC voltage volume control from 36 dB to –40 dB, and a –80 dB mute
  • SE gain adjustable from 30 dB to –46 dB, and a –86 dB mute
  • Amplifier Type:Class AB
  • Board Type:Fully Populated
  • Max Output Power x Channels @ Load:5W x 2 @ 16Ohm
  • Output Type:2-Channel (Stereo) with Stereo Headphones
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Utilized IC / Part:TPA6030A4
  • Voltage - Supply:7V ~ 15V
Associated Product
Texas Instruments Class AB Amplifier
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Integrated Circuits (ICs)-Linear-Amplifiers-Audio Amplifiers-Class AB-2-Channel (Stereo)