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Storm Interface
2200 Series
Switchcraft Inc.
StudioPatch® DB25 Series
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc
ZUP Series
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StudioPatch® DB25 Series

Switchcraft Inc.

StudioPatch Series DB-25 breakout cables are exclusively designed for high quality, professional audio applications. They are a perfect cabling solution for many of today's most popular audio interfaces.

  • Cable Type:Individual
  • Color:Multiple
  • Length:10.00' (3.05m)
  • Shielding:Unshielded
DB25M10TRSDB25M10TRSDB25 MALE TO 8-297 S D-Sub 25 pos Male to Phone Plug 6.35mm (1/4", 0.25") Stereo - Headphone (8)10.00' (3.05m)IndividualMultipleRoHS
DB25M10XLRMXLRFDB25M10XLRMXLRFDB25 MALE/4-AAA3MZ&3 D-Sub 25 pos Male to XLR Female (4) and XLR Male (4)10.00' (3.05m)IndividualMultipleRoHS
DB25M10XLRFDB25M10XLRFDB25 MALE TO 8-AAA3F D-Sub 25 pos Male to XLR Female (8)10.00' (3.05m)IndividualMultipleRoHS
DB25M10XLRMDB25M10XLRMDB25 MALE TO 8-AAA3M D-Sub 25 pos Male to XLR Male (8)10.00' (3.05m)IndividualMultipleRoHS