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Adafruit Industries LLC
Stranded Hook-Up Wire
Adafruit Industries LLC
Stranded Hook-Up Wire, Silicone Insulation
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Bus Bar Wire

Stranded Hook-Up Wire, Silicone Insulation

Stranded Hook-Up Wire with Silicone Insulation

Adafruit Industries LLC

Stranded conductor and color coded Silicone insulation.

  • Cable Type:Hook-Up
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Silicone
  • Operating Temperature:-60°C ~ 200°C
  • Voltage:600V
  • Wire Gauge:26 AWG ~ 30 AWG

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31653165HOOK-UP 30AWG 600V RED 50' Hook-Up30 AWG--
31643164HOOK-UP 30AWG 600V BLACK 50' Hook-Up30 AWG--
25182518HOOK-UP 26AWG 600V WHITE 25' Hook-Up26 AWG--
31693169HOOK-UP 30AWG 600V WHITE 50' Hook-Up30 AWG--
31673167HOOK-UP 30AWG 600V YELLOW 50' Hook-Up30 AWG--
31663166HOOK-UP 30AWG 600V BLUE 50' Hook-Up30 AWG--
31683168HOOK-UP 30AWG 600V GREEN 50' Hook-Up30 AWG--
25152515HOOK-UP 26AWG 600V YELLOW 25' Hook-Up26 AWG--
25172517HOOK-UP 26AWG 600V BLACK 25' Hook-Up26 AWG--
25162516HOOK-UP 26AWG 600V GREEN 25' Hook-Up26 AWG--
25202520HOOK-UP 26AWG 600V ORANGE 25' Hook-Up26 AWG--
25142514HOOK-UP 26AWG 600V BLUE 25' Hook-Up26 AWG--
25132513HOOK-UP 26AWG 600V RED 25' Hook-Up26 AWG--
25192519HOOK-UP 26AWG 600V GRAY 25' Hook-Up26 AWG--

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