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Standard Triacs
Standard Triacs
SMC Diode Solutions
Standard Triacs
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Standard Triacs

Triac (Bidirectional Triode Thyristor)


These Sanken triacs (bidirectional triode thyristor) are designed for AC power control, providing reliable, uniform switching for full-cycle AC applications.

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Small fully-molded SIP package with heatsink mounting for high thermal dissipation and long life
  • Uniform switching
  • Residential and commercial appliances: vacuum cleaners
  • rice cookers, TVs, home entertainment
  • White goods: washing machines
  • Office automation power control, photocopiers
  • Motor control for small tools
  • Temperature control, light dimmers, electric blankets
  • General use switching mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • Configuration:Single
  • Current - Gate Trigger (Igt) (Max):20mA ~ 30mA
  • Current - On State (It (RMS)) (Max):3A ~ 25A
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Triac Type:Standard
  • Voltage - Gate Trigger (Vgt) (Max):1.5V
  • Voltage - Off State:400V ~ 600V

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TMA36S-LTMA36S-LTRIAC 600V 3A Standard600V3A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA126S-LTMA126S-LTRIAC 600V 12A Standard600V12A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA54S-LTMA54S-LTRIAC 400V 5A Standard400V5A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA84S-LTMA84S-LTRIAC 400V 8A Standard400V8A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA86S-LTMA86S-LTRIAC 600V 8A Standard600V8A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA124S-LTMA124S-LTRIAC 400V 12A Standard400V12A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMB166S-LTMB166S-LTRIAC 600V 16A Standard600V16A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA56S-LTMA56S-LTRIAC 600V 5A Standard600V5A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA166S-LTMA166S-LTRIAC 600V 16A Standard600V16A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA204S-LTMA204S-LTRIAC 400V 20A Standard400V20A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA34S-LTMA34S-LTRIAC 400V 3A Standard400V3A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA106S-LTMA106S-LTRIAC 600V 10A Standard600V10A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA126G-LTMA126G-LTRIAC 600V 12A Standard600V12A1.5VTO-220-3RoHS
TMA164S-LTMA164S-LTRIAC 400V 16A Standard400V16A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA206S-LTMA206S-LTRIAC 600V 20A Standard600V20A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMB206S-LTMB206S-LTRIAC 600V 20A Standard600V20A1.5VTO-220-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA166G-LTMA166G-LTRIAC 600V 16A Standard600V16A1.5VTO-220-3RoHS
TMA166B-LTMA166B-LTRIAC 600V 16A Standard600V16A1.5VTO-3P-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA164P-LTMA164P-LTRIAC 400V 16A Standard400V16A1.5VTO-3P-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA166P-LTMA166P-LTRIAC 600V 16A Standard600V16A1.5VTO-3P-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA256B-LTMA256B-LTRIAC 600V 25A Standard600V25A1.5VTO-3P-3 Full PackRoHS
TMA254B-LTMA254B-LTRIAC 400V 25A Standard400V25A1.5VTO-3P-3 Full PackRoHS

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