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Logic Level Gate IGBTs
Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc.
Standard IGBTs
Diodes Incorporated
Standard IGBTs

Standard IGBTs

Alpha IGBT™ with Diode

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc.

The Alpha IGBT™ line of products offers best-in-class performance in conduction and switching losses, with robust short circuit capability. They are designed for ease of paralleling, minimal gate spike under high dV/dt conditions and resistance to oscillations. The soft copackage diode is targeted for minimal losses in motor control applications.

  • Current - Collector (Ic) (Max):10A ~ 100A
  • Current - Collector Pulsed (Icm):15A ~ 200A
  • Gate Charge:9.4nC ~ 102nC
  • Input Type:Standard
  • Power - Max:25W ~ 500W
  • Reverse Recovery Time (trr):98ns ~ 365ns
  • Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max):600V ~ 1350V

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AOD5B60DAOD5B60DIGBT 600V 10A 54.4W TO252 -600V23A20ATO-252-3, DPak (2 Leads + Tab), SC-63
AOK30B135W1AOK30B135W1IGBT 1350V 30A 170W TO247 -1350V60A200ATO-247-3
AOKS40B65H1AOKS40B65H1IGBT 650V 40A TO247 -650V80A120ATO-247-3
AOK40B65M3AOK40B65M3IGBT 650V 40A TO247 -650V80A120ATO-247-3
AOK40B60D1AOK40B60D1IGBT 600V 80A 278W TO247 -600V80A140ATO-247-3
AOK30B65M2AOK30B65M2IGBT 650V 30A TO247 -650V60A90ATO-247-3
AOK50B65M2AOK50B65M2IGBT 650V 50A TO247 -650V100A150ATO-247-3
AOD5B65M1AOD5B65M1IGBT 650V 5A TO252 -650V10A15ATO-252-3, DPak (2 Leads + Tab), SC-63
AOT10B60DAOT10B60DIGBT 600V 20A 163W TO220 -600V20A40ATO-220-3
AOB15B65M1AOB15B65M1IGBT 650V 30A TO263 -650V30A45ATO-263-3, D²Pak (2 Leads + Tab), TO-263AB
AOKS40B60D1AOKS40B60D1IGBT 600V 40A TO247 -600V80A140ATO-247-3
AOK20B65M2AOK20B65M2IGBT 650V 20A TO247 -650V40A60ATO-247-3
AOK40B65H1AOK40B65H1IGBT 650V 40A TO247 -650V80A120ATO-247-3
AOK50B60D1AOK50B60D1IGBT 600V 100A 312W TO247 -600V100A168ATO-247-3
AOTS40B65H1AOTS40B65H1IGBT 650V 40A TO220 -650V80A120ATO-220-3
AOTF10B65M2AOTF10B65M2IGBT 650V 10A TO220 -650V20A30ATO-220-3
AOKS30B60D1AOKS30B60D1IGBT 600V 30A TO247 -600V60A96ATO-247-3
AOK20B135D1AOK20B135D1IGBT 1350V 20A 340W TO-247 -1350V40A80ATO-247-3
AOTF5B65M1AOTF5B65M1IGBT 650V 5A TO220 -650V10A15ATO-220-3
AOB5B65M1AOB5B65M1IGBT 650V 5A TO263 -650V10A15ATO-263-3, D²Pak (2 Leads + Tab), TO-263AB
AOT5B65M1AOT5B65M1IGBT 650V 5A TO220 -650V10A15ATO-220-3
AOTF10B65M1AOTF10B65M1IGBT 650V 10A TO220 -650V20A30ATO-220-3
AOT10B65M1AOT10B65M1IGBT 650V 10A TO220 -650V20A30ATO-220-3
AOT10B65M2AOT10B65M2IGBT 650V 10A TO220 -650V20A30ATO-220-3
AOTF15B65M2AOTF15B65M2IGBT 650V 15A TO220 -650V30A45ATO-220-3
AOT15B65M1AOT15B65M1IGBT 650V 15A TO220 -650V30A45ATO-220-3
AOTF20B65M1AOTF20B65M1IGBT 650V 20A TO220 -650V60A60ATO-220-3
AOT15B60DAOT15B60DIGBT 600V 30A 167W TO220 -600V30A60ATO-220-3
AOTF20B65M2AOTF20B65M2IGBT 650V 20A TO220 -650V40A60ATO-220-3
AOTF20B65LN2AOTF20B65LN2650V, 20A ALPHAIGBT TM WITH SOFT-650V40A60ATO-220-3 Full Pack

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