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SP-Cap CT Series

Surface Mount, Conductive Polymer Aluminum Capacitors

Panasonic Electronic Components

The SP-Cap CT Series is a low profile, surface mount aluminum capacitor with low ESR.

Product Description

Panasonic’s SP-CAP layered aluminum technology now provides an even lower profile and high stable capacitance at higher frequencies and temperatures. SP-Caps are ideal for A/V, PC and hand held consumer applications. These parts are well suited for applications where the capacitor must meet very strict height restrictions.

  • High temp reflow solder capable
  • Lower profile opens up design space
  • PC servers
  • Test and measurement
  • Set top box
  • Audio visual
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:22µF ~ 180µF
  • ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance):15mOhm ~ 40mOhm
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ High Frequency:100kHz
  • Height - Seated (Max):0.059" (1.50mm)
  • Lifetime @ Temp.:2000 Hrs @ 105°C
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 105°C
  • Package / Case:2917 (7343 Metric)
  • Ripple Current @ High Frequency:3.2A ~ 5.1A
  • Size / Dimension:0.287" L x 0.169" W (7.30mm x 4.30mm)
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Type:Polymer
  • Voltage - Rated:4V ~ 25V

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EEF-CT1C470REEF-CT1C470RCAP ALUM POLY 47UF 20% 16V SMD Polymer47µF±20%16V2917 (7343 Metric)RoHS
EEF-CT1D470REEF-CT1D470RCAP ALUM POLY 47UF 20% 20V SMD Polymer47µF±20%20V2917 (7343 Metric)RoHS
EEF-CT0G181REEF-CT0G181RCAP ALUM POLY 180UF 20% 4V SMD Polymer180µF±20%4V2917 (7343 Metric)RoHS
EEF-CT1A680REEF-CT1A680RCAP ALUM POLY 68UF 20% 10V SMD Polymer68µF±20%10V2917 (7343 Metric)RoHS
EEF-CT1D330REEF-CT1D330RCAP ALUM POLY 33UF 20% 20V SMD Polymer33µF±20%20V2917 (7343 Metric)RoHS
EEF-CT1E220REEF-CT1E220RCAP ALUM POLY 22UF 20% 25V SMD Polymer22µF±20%25V2917 (7343 Metric)RoHS
EEF-CT0J101REEF-CT0J101RCAP ALUM POLY 100UF 20% 6.3V SMDPolymer100µF±20%6.3V2917 (7343 Metric)RoHS

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