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TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Solarlok PV4-S Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Solarlok Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Solarlok Slim Line Series

Solarlok Series

Free Hanging 10-14AWG Solar Power Connectors

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

Snap Lock UL and TÜV Approved

Product Description

Solarlok delivers a flexible system solution for easy and reliable interconnections from photovoltaic modules to the DC/AC converter. The entire system concept is based on cost-effective and reliable processing of individual interconnection system components. This significantly reduces installation costs of solar energy systems. Mating safety is provided by polarity keyed housings, fully shrouded contacts, reliable high cycle life and squeeze to release connection system. In addition, a wide temperature range and fulfillment of worldwide standards for photovoltaic connection systems complement the robust product specification. SolKlip ground clips are designed for solar panel grounding applications using solid uninsulated copper 10AWG and 12AWG. This UV resistant cable can be used in photovoltaic applications including: wire jumpers between solar panels, solar roof tiles and between panels and the AC/DC inverters.

2120382-62120382-6CONN CONVERTER RCPT MINUS 10AWG Converter Receptacle, Male PinMinus10 AWGRoHS
1394738-41394738-4CONN CONVERTER RCPT MINUS 12AWG Converter Receptacle, Male PinMinus12 AWGRoHS
1394738-31394738-3CONN CONVERTER RCPT PLUS 12AWG Converter Receptacle, Male PinPlus12 AWGRoHS
6-1394462-46-1394462-4CONN FMALE COUPLER MINUS 10AWG Female CouplerMinus10 AWGRoHS
2347245-12347245-1SOLARLOK 2.0 - KIT Female Coupler and Male CouplerMinus, Plus10 ~ 14 AWGRoHS
1740699-11740699-1CONN MODULE BOX ASSY MINUS/PLUS Junction, Module BoxMinus, Plus4 Contact Rails, 2 Direct WiresRoHS
7-1394461-17-1394461-1CONN MALE COUPLER MINUS 12AWG Male CouplerMinus12 AWGRoHS
2315176-12315176-1SOLARLOK2.0 NEGATIVE CONN ASSMBLMale CouplerMinus10 ~ 14 AWGRoHS
1394461-31394461-3CONN MALE COUPLER PLUS 12AWG Male CouplerPlus12 AWGRoHS
7-1394461-07-1394461-0CONN MALE COUPLER PLUS 12AWG Male CouplerPlus12 AWGRoHS