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Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales
Parlex USA LLC
Socket to Socket Cable Assemblies
Samtec Inc.
HCSD Series

Socket to Socket Cable Assemblies

0.039" (1.00mm) Pitch

Parlex USA LLC

  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Color:Gray, Ribbon
  • Connector Type:Socket to Socket
  • Contact Finish:Tin
  • Number of Positions:31 ~ 41
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch - Connector:0.039" (1.00mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded
  • Usage:Display Cable

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PS2827AB0203SPS2827AB0203SCABLE ASSY 31POS RCPT-RCPT 8" Socket to Socket3120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2827AB0305SPS2827AB0305SCABLE ASSY 31POS RCPT-RCPT 12" Socket to Socket3120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2827AB0254SPS2827AB0254SCABLE ASSY 31POS RCPT-RCPT 10" Socket to Socket3120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2827AB0102SPS2827AB0102SCABLE ASSY 31POS RCPT-RCPT 4" Socket to Socket3120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2828AB0051SPS2828AB0051SCABLE ASSY 41POS RCPT-RCPT 2" Socket to Socket4120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2828AB0254SPS2828AB0254SCABLE ASSY 41POS RCPT-RCPT 10" Socket to Socket4120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2828AB0305SPS2828AB0305SCABLE ASSY 41POS RCPT-RCPT 12" Socket to Socket4120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2828AB0102SPS2828AB0102SCABLE ASSY 41POS RCPT-RCPT 4" Socket to Socket4120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2828AB0203SPS2828AB0203SCABLE ASSY 41POS RCPT-RCPT 8" Socket to Socket4120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2828AB0152SPS2828AB0152SCABLE ASSY 41POS RCPT-RCPT 6" Socket to Socket4120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS
PS2827AB0051SPS2827AB0051SCABLE ASSY 31POS RCPT-RCPT 2" Socket to Socket3120.039" (1.00mm)RoHS

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