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WA Series
United Chemi-Con
SMG Series
Vishay Beyschlag/Draloric/BC Components
038 RSU Series

SMG Series

Radial Leaded, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

United Chemi-Con

The SMG series is available with capacitance values up to 15000µF and ripple currents up to 3.6A.

  • Solvent resistant type except 315 to 450VDC
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:1µF ~ 6800µF
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ High Frequency:100kHz
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:120Hz
  • Lifetime @ Temp.:2000 Hrs @ 85°C
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Package / Case:Radial, Can
  • Polarization:Polar
  • Ripple Current @ High Frequency:42.5mA ~ 2.916A
  • Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:17mA ~ 2.7A
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Voltage - Rated:6.3V ~ 450V

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ESMG500ELL1R0ME11DESMG500ELL1R0ME11DCAP ALUM 1UF 20% 50V RADIAL 1µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG401ELL1R0MF11DESMG401ELL1R0MF11DCAP ALUM 1UF 20% 400V RADIAL 1µF±20%400V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG451ELL2R2MJC5SESMG451ELL2R2MJC5SCAP ALUM 2.2UF 20% 450V RADIAL 2.2µF±20%450V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL2R2ME11DESMG500ELL2R2ME11DCAP ALUM 2.2UF 20% 50V RADIAL 2.2µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL4R7ME11DESMG500ELL4R7ME11DCAP ALUM 4.7UF 20% 50V RADIAL 4.7µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL4R7ME11DESMG250ELL4R7ME11DCAP ALUM 4.7UF 20% 25V RADIAL 4.7µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG451ELL4R7MJ20SESMG451ELL4R7MJ20SCAP ALUM 4.7UF 20% 450V RADIAL 4.7µF±20%450V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG401ELL4R7MJ16SESMG401ELL4R7MJ16SCAP ALUM 4.7UF 20% 400V RADIAL 4.7µF±20%400V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL100ME11DESMG500ELL100ME11DCAP ALUM 10UF 20% 50V RADIAL 10µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG630ETC100ME11DESMG630ETC100ME11DCAP ALUM 10UF 20% 63V RADIAL 10µF±20%63V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG350ELL100ME11DESMG350ELL100ME11DCAP ALUM 10UF 20% 35V RADIAL 10µF±20%35V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG630ELL100ME11DESMG630ELL100ME11DCAP ALUM 10UF 20% 63V RADIAL 10µF±20%63V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG201ELL100MJC5SESMG201ELL100MJC5SCAP ALUM 10UF 20% 200V RADIAL 10µF±20%200V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG101ETD100MF11SESMG101ETD100MF11SCAP ALUM 10UF 20% 100V RADIAL 10µF±20%100V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL100ME11DESMG250ELL100ME11DCAP ALUM 10UF 20% 25V RADIAL 10µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG160ELL100ME11DESMG160ELL100ME11DCAP ALUM 10UF 20% 16V RADIAL 10µF±20%16V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG101ELL100MF11DESMG101ELL100MF11DCAP ALUM 10UF 20% 100V RADIAL 10µF±20%100V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL220ME11DESMG500ELL220ME11DCAP ALUM 22UF 20% 50V RADIAL 22µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG451ELL220ML25SESMG451ELL220ML25SCAP ALUM 22UF 20% 450V RADIAL 22µF±20%450V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL220ME11DESMG250ELL220ME11DCAP ALUM 22UF 20% 25V RADIAL 22µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG101ELL220MHB5DESMG101ELL220MHB5DCAP ALUM 22UF 20% 100V RADIAL 22µF±20%100V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG251ELL330MK20SESMG251ELL330MK20SCAP ALUM 33UF 20% 250V RADIAL 33µF±20%250V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL470MF11DESMG500ELL470MF11DCAP ALUM 47UF 20% 50V RADIAL 47µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG630ELL470MF11DESMG630ELL470MF11DCAP ALUM 47UF 20% 63V RADIAL 47µF±20%63V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG101ELL470MJC5SESMG101ELL470MJC5SCAP ALUM 47UF 20% 100V RADIAL 47µF±20%100V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMQ101ELL470MHB5DESMQ101ELL470MHB5DCAP ALUM 47UF 20% 100V RADIAL 47µF±20%100V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG351ELL470ML25SESMG351ELL470ML25SCAP ALUM 47UF 20% 350V RADIAL 47µF±20%350V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG451ELL470MLP1SESMG451ELL470MLP1SCAP ALUM 47UF 20% 450V RADIAL 47µF±20%450V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL470ME11DESMG250ELL470ME11DCAP ALUM 47UF 20% 25V RADIAL 47µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG160ELL101ME11DESMG160ELL101ME11DCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 16V RADIAL 100µF±20%16V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL101MF11DESMG250ELL101MF11DCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 25V RADIAL 100µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG350ELL101MF11DESMG350ELL101MF11DCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 35V RADIAL 100µF±20%35V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL101MHB5DESMG500ELL101MHB5DCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 50V RADIAL 100µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG101ELL101MJ20SESMG101ELL101MJ20SCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 100V RADIAL 100µF±20%100V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG630ELL101MJC5SESMG630ELL101MJC5SCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 63V RADIAL 100µF±20%63V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG630ETD101MJC5SESMG630ETD101MJC5SCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 63V RADIAL 100µF±20%63V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG161ELL101MK25SESMG161ELL101MK25SCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 160V RADIAL 100µF±20%160V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL221MJC5SESMG500ELL221MJC5SCAP ALUM 220UF 20% 50V RADIAL 220µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG100ELL221ME11DESMG100ELL221ME11DCAP ALUM 220UF 20% 10V RADIAL 220µF±20%10V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG160ELL221MF11DESMG160ELL221MF11DCAP ALUM 220UF 20% 16V RADIAL 220µF±20%16V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG350ELL221MHB5DESMG350ELL221MHB5DCAP ALUM 220UF 20% 35V RADIAL 220µF±20%35V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL221MHB5DESMG250ELL221MHB5DCAP ALUM 220UF 20% 25V RADIAL 220µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG630ELL221MJ16SESMG630ELL221MJ16SCAP ALUM 220UF 20% 63V RADIAL 220µF±20%63V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG160ELL331MHB5DESMG160ELL331MHB5DCAP ALUM 330UF 20% 16V RADIAL 330µF±20%16V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG350ELL331MJC5SESMG350ELL331MJC5SCAP ALUM 330UF 20% 35V RADIAL 330µF±20%35V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG630ELL331MJ20SESMG630ELL331MJ20SCAP ALUM 330UF 20% 63V RADIAL 330µF±20%63V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL331MJ16SESMG500ELL331MJ16SCAP ALUM 330UF 20% 50V RADIAL 330µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG101ELL331MK25SESMG101ELL331MK25SCAP ALUM 330UF 20% 100V RADIAL 330µF±20%100V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL331MHB5DESMG250ELL331MHB5DCAP ALUM 330UF 20% 25V RADIAL 330µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG161ELL331MMP1SESMG161ELL331MMP1SCAP ALUM 330UF 20% 160V RADIAL 330µF±20%160V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG350ELL471MJ16SESMG350ELL471MJ16SCAP ALUM 470UF 20% 35V RADIAL 470µF±20%35V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL471MJC5SESMG250ELL471MJC5SCAP ALUM 470UF 20% 25V RADIAL 470µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG630ELL471MK20SESMG630ELL471MK20SCAP ALUM 470UF 20% 63V RADIAL 470µF±20%63V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL471MJ20SESMG500ELL471MJ20SCAP ALUM 470UF 20% 50V RADIAL 470µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG100ELL471MF11DESMG100ELL471MF11DCAP ALUM 470UF 20% 10V RADIAL 470µF±20%10V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG101ELL471ML25SESMG101ELL471ML25SCAP ALUM 470UF 20% 100V RADIAL 470µF±20%100V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG160ELL471MHB5DESMG160ELL471MHB5DCAP ALUM 470UF 20% 16V RADIAL 470µF±20%16V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL102MK25SESMG500ELL102MK25SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 50V RADIAL 1000µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL102MJ20SESMG250ELL102MJ20SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 25V RADIAL 1000µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG350ELL102MK20SESMG350ELL102MK20SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 35V RADIAL 1000µF±20%35V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG160ELL102MJ16SESMG160ELL102MJ16SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 16V RADIAL 1000µF±20%16V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG101ELL102MM40SESMG101ELL102MM40SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 100V RADIAL 1000µF±20%100V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG630ELL102ML25SESMG630ELL102ML25SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 63V RADIAL 1000µF±20%63V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG100ELL102MJC5SESMG100ELL102MJC5SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 10V RADIAL 1000µF±20%10V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG160ELL222MK20SESMG160ELL222MK20SCAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 16V RADIAL 2200µF±20%16V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG350ELL222ML25SESMG350ELL222ML25SCAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 35V RADIAL 2200µF±20%35V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL222MLP1SESMG500ELL222MLP1SCAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 50V RADIAL 2200µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL222MK25SESMG250ELL222MK25SCAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 25V RADIAL 2200µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG6R3ELL332MJ20SESMG6R3ELL332MJ20SCAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 6.3V RADIAL 3300µF±20%6.3V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG500ELL332MMP1SESMG500ELL332MMP1SCAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 50V RADIAL 3300µF±20%50V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL332ML25SESMG250ELL332ML25SCAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 25V RADIAL 3300µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG350ELL472MMP1SESMG350ELL472MMP1SCAP ALUM 4700UF 20% 35V RADIAL 4700µF±20%35V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG250ELL472MLN3SESMG250ELL472MLN3SCAP ALUM 4700UF 20% 25V RADIAL 4700µF±20%25V-Radial, CanRoHS
ESMG6R3ELL682MK25SESMG6R3ELL682MK25SCAP ALUM 6800UF 20% 6.3V RADIAL 6800µF±20%6.3V-Radial, CanRoHS

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